‘Avocado and pink’ Acrylic on 7×5″ canvas board



The Everyday collection 

Right now (June 2022) I am making a painting of everyday importance each morning. The outcome has been vibrant and sometimes whimsical depictions of my family’s daily routine. Honestly, if you could hear the chaos over the time I am painting you wouldn’t believe it! Furthermore, I have had to set my alarm very very early some mornings to make sure I get it done.


Nonetheless, It is so in line with my theme of placing importance on the everyday that it is here to stay. Often running a business I don’t get to paint which is the most important and fun part. This consistency is showing growth ad confidence with each day.


Be sure to look at the rest of the ‘everyday ‘ collection to see if another one catches your eye.


All paintings are 7×5″ canvas board. Sometimes oil sometimes acrylic. 200.