A Month of mentoring with Aly Harte – let me excel your creative career


This course is for people who want to build the foundation for a lifelong brand in the creative world.

If you are a creative wanting to grow your business in the beautiful noisy world where we live, I can help you.

My month of mentoring programme will dig deep into you and your practice. Over the four modules we unravel what it is that you want to share with the world and how to lay foundations for growing a successful business as a creative.
I am excited to show you the most effective ways to tell your story on and offline and, how to know your worth!
The aim of this package is for you to grow and to learn fast within a four week period! It is a boost for your business.
– 30 minute introduction session
– 4 weekly 1 hour zoom calls
– 4 modules that will cover social media growth, self acceptance and the link with your creative space, creating your brand and recognising data.
– weekly affirmations and phone screensaver
– homework tasks that you will enjoy!
 – Accountability to grow your tribe online and offline.
Please contact hello@alyharte.com for more information or to schedule your taster session.