Pregnancy workout | Ian Young| Video

Pregnancy workout | Ian Young| Video

I have featured Ian Young before under ‘EXPERT OF THE MONTH’

last year and he shared this AWESOME bodyweight workout for any of the non pregnancy folk. It’s super.

I have trained with him in a personal training capacity

and was a regular attender of his weekly boxing sessions in Belfast before I fell pregnant.

As you are all sick of hearing – the hyperemesis and with all the complications this pregnancy brought, I felt on such an emotional dampener for so long.

But my third trimester has been my best yet!

The trimester which is supposed to have been the heaviest (I can still say that is true!), most tired (I nap anytime I can and encourage tv or sofa time with the boys regularly) and when we are supposed to slow down,

here I am loving my daily fitness and enjoying it.

Please remember if you perform this short routine do so ONLY if you know that you are up to it. Also never get out of breath, drink PLENTY of fluids and don’t overheat.

If you feel any of this happening STOP immediately.

Furthermore here are my tips for safely exercising during pregnancy you can use as a guide.


We used the TRX bands (if you’re new to TRX bands here is how to make sure the size of the bands is right for you)


Squats x 10
10 second rest

Back lunges x10
10 second rest

Tri squat x 10

(feet together, step out to hip width, then wider than hip width – total three steps)

1 set completed

Take 60-90 second rest or until you feel sufficiently recovered

-NEVER become breathless
-Be careful not to overheat/ rise your core body temp
-Take plenty of breaks
-Drink fluids
-Get fresh air if needs

Second exercise

You will need an exercise ball (this supports your back and hips) and two dumbbells.

Shoulder press x10
 10 seconds rest
Bicep curl X10

10 seconds rest

Make sure you are comfortable on the ball.

Complete four sets
45 -60 seconds rest between each set.


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