One pan sausage + potato dinner. Good little Company.

One pan sausage + potato dinner. Good little Company.

We first tried this recipe after the birth of one of our boys. My dear friend Hazel made it for us one of the nights we, no doubt, needed it after attending to a newborn amidst the mayhem that comes with adding sprogs to your brood. I have a feeling it originated from Jamie Oliver but can’t find it online. See his other sausage recipes here.

The tastes and flavours stuck with us and we have been making it ever since. There are a number of reasons for it appearing on our weekly menu- the first being how easy it is. The second that the kids eat it (they pick out the leeks sometimes but everything else they eat) , the fact that the leeks re punchy in flavour, the sweetness of peppers and the rich saltiness of the whole dish is delicious. Then of course the affordability of the ingredients. I grew up in the countryside where potatoes featured heavily in our dinner choices and they are so versatile and economic, they along with the sausages make up the bulk of the recipe.

We use sausages from the butchers or my kids favourite sausages who I teamed up with for this recipe – the good little sausage company. A local company in Downpatrick who have a simple message which has resonated with me since I found them in 2012 while shopping with my two bigger boys in the trolley at the supermarket, 

“We want to create the very best sausages for families across the UK. But it’s not just our families who deserve the best. That’s why our partners in Kenya and Malawi are working to transform the lives of some of the poorest and most vulnerable people.

It’s a simple idea, with a big vision.”

Over fifty percent of the profits of these locally made sausages goes to the projects they are linked with in Africa. I have been on mission teams to Africa and I automatically aligned myself with the brand. I have a consistent  desire to help those in need but don’t always know how to output. So, I love when someone like the good little company finds a practical and meaningful way to do that. As well as this they use outdoor bred pork and gluten free qualities adds to this product.

Find out more about the company’s ethos here and see where you can buy their products to support this movement.



10-12 mins preparation

40-50 mins cooking time
Feeds 4 people


  • 2 peppers cut into 1 inch squares or thereabouts
    3-5 tbsps good quality olive oil
    Salt and pepper
    2 large leeks 2cm thick rings
    Or 3 small leeks
    1 red onion cut on half then each half into thirds
    750 g baby potatoes cut in half
    2 packets Good little company’s chipolatas sausages (I use 18- 20 in the dish)


  1. Parboil for 5-10 Mins
  2. Sear sausages in 1 tbsp olive oil in pan for 4-mins on high heat to crown edges
  3. Add all to pan , pour oil over and shake ingredients.
    Season heavily
    Oven 180-190oC
    Leave in oven for 45-60 mins depending on your oven.
  4. Check every fifteen minutes and if your oven dish is deep make sure to rotate the ingredients and ensure browning all over.
  5. When potatoes and ingredients are all cooked and flavours are through the dish, serve and enjoy.

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