Nathalia Melo – Expert of the month

Nathalia Melo – Expert of the month

I started David Lloyd gym when I was pregnant with our third boy. I figured the money I would save on not drinking  prosecco for nine months would be better spent on something I would use and love!!

I have had gym memberships in the past but this was a big move for me and one I am so glad I made.

Due to hyperemesies (read about my experience with it in this post) and a number of other pregnancy complications I had to stall my membership for a few months.

When I was seven months pregnant walking with an established waddle I returned to David Lloyd and Nathalia was one of the many smiling faces I met on my morning visits. She and her bump (now called Nico featured in the image below) were on the cross trainer. We exchanged words and pleasantries about our pregnancies and that was that.

I was blissfully unaware at this stage about what a star Nathalia is in the fitness world and how close all the gym girls would become. We have a great little network now and I am so excited to have Nat on here.

Nathalia is so humble and modest. While I was making some amendments to the post I googled her and I kid you not, thousands of posts  pop up with workouts, magazine features (one below), interviews, personal training videos. In short, I am not afraid to say that Nathalia is at the top of her game.

She has never bragged about her many achievements in the time that I have known her. Nathalia is constantly wanting to learn and to give her all in everything she does.

I am never done asking Nathalia about business ideas, dragging her across the gym to correct my form in a weighted squat and even some serious stuff  around our favourite ben and jerrys ice cream flavour!!

You will read below (I know so many of you can’t wait to know about behind the scenes in Nathalia’s world) Nathalia works hard in every aspect of her life, something which has proven to be the recipe for success, especially in the world of competing.

She just released her pregnancy workout ebook which you can find here. It is packed with instructional photos for the seventy five exercises in the ebook. There is access to an exclusive members only group to ask all the questions you might have. I know I had so many questions when I trained during my pregnancy. 

If you follow Nathalia on social media you will see that the workouts she shares with us are adaptable for all levels which is so appealing and I know her pregnancy guide will be the same. I am waiting with bated breath for her to release her non pregnancy one!!

I’ll pass it over to Nathalia.

o  NAME – Nathalia Melo

o   OCCUPATION – Personal Trainer

o  LOCATION – Belfast

o  AGE – 33



  • Favourite cheat meal 

Oh dear! That is a tough one. I like everything… lol. Desserts are definitely my favourite, so I will go with Sticky Toffee pudding with ice cream and/or Lava cake with vanilla ice cream

  • Greatest moment in sport  –

When I won the 2012 Olympia, which is the biggest (a bit like the World Cup of Bodybuilding) competition in the world.

  • One piece of advice for aspiring sports people/ athletes

Work HARD, because if you want to be extraordinary you cannot have an ordinary life. Also, make sure you enjoy every step of the journey, even the tough ones.

  • Where do you go to relax and switch off?

The gym! Training is my therapy, and I also have an amazing group of friends there which make the sessions even more fun.

  • Training session you hate but know is most beneficial?

I HATE stretching, or doing anything that requires me to ‘’slow down’’… definitely something I have to pay a bit more attention to.

  • Where to next?

– I am now expecting my second child, so having a one year old and a newborn will definitely be keeping my husband and I very busy.


  • In a few lines tell us a bit about yourself, work, family, lifestyle etc.

-Hello everyone! My name is Nathalia Melo, I am originally from Brazil, lived in America for 10 years and 4 and half years ago I moved to Belfast to be with my now husband. We have a 1 year old son and a big Bernese Mountain Dog who will soon be big brothers.

  • You are now a personal trainer, Can you tell us a bit about your sporting / fitness background?

Sports have always been my passion! Growing up I tried every sport I came across…from Badminton to Kickboxing! I started going to the gym and weight lifting when I was 14. I actually have a fun story about my early days in the gym…My mum thought that going to the gym was a waste of money, and she refused to pay for it. So, I paid for the gym membership with my allowance… the problem was that it was quite expensive, and one month’s worth of money wasn’t enough! So I saved my allowance for a month and half to be able to go to the gym for one month… that way I could only go to the gym every other month!

When I lived in America, I became familiar with Bodybuilding competitions and the Bikini category, which had just started at the time. I decided to sign myself up for one as a personal challenge. I loved it and it soon became a bit more serious and I started to get sponsors and to be published in an on the cover of big fitness magazines like Muscle and Fitness, Shape Magazine and Fitness RX, to name a few.

Training has always been my passion, and competing opened doors to make my passion for training and helping people achieve their goals my full time job.

  • What do you enjoy most about what you do now?

I love helping people and knowing that I have the outlets to inspire and motivate people to better themselves day in and day out.

  • How do you stay on track with your fitness goals? (diet, training with someone etc)

–       I have a very good circle of friends in the gym, which makes training fun… if I miss it one day, the girls start to ring me to see what happened. Hahaha… Thanks girls!

To stay on track with my nutrition, I avoid buying junk food and just having it in the house. Well… now, that I am pregnant I am a bit more relaxed about it, and the cupboard will always have a lil snack for ‘’desperate times’’. Hahaha 

  • How important is nutrition to you?

Nutrition is important, but not something I obsess as much as I used to when I competed. All celebrations, get together or family reunions revolve around food, so I think that balance is very important so you can stick to your fitness goals, but still enjoy time with your family and friends.

  • What is your favourite activity to do outside of sport/fitness?

I love traveling and spending time with my family.

  • Where was the last place you holidayed?

We went to America and Aruba this Summer. It was amazing!

  • Do you have any advice for your younger self?

–       My main advice to my younger self would be to be a bit more patient… advice I can still use these days! Hahaha

Patience is not my strength, I (and my husband!) have to always remind myself to be more patient and trust the process… good things take time!

  • Where can people find you?

Instagram –

Facebook –



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