My teeth story- Part2

My teeth story- Part2

There is a reason we all take photos – so we can remember moments.

Another is so we can compare and contrast. A great example of this is on any fitness journey (my postpartum journey being an example of this and you can read here) we are so focused on the change in routine we sometimes forget to look at the results as we go along.

Photos help with perspective when you’re caught in the routine of it all.

I have found the same with my teeth.

I am now five months in to my treatment with Mercer dental and it is only when I watched this video that David Cavan shot for me last year that I realised how far my teeth have come!! Many of you have been asking about the treatment so I have decided at this mid point to answer some of the frequently asked questions since I got my braces. Remember I am not a dentist and would recommend you call or arrange an appointment with Emma at Mercer dental to find your answers. I know from this experience that every person’s teeth require different treatment and one size does not fit all.


Why not veneers instead of braces?

Veneers are something that did go through my mind and I know a number of people have had them and they look great. Veneers are also quicker than braces which appealed to me. To be honest though the long term benefits of the braces were all I thought of and some dentist friends had the opinion that if i can deal with the pain and the lisp ( which changes every time we adjust the bottom aligner) then I should stick with the braces. I also love how clear they are. Apart from if i smile wide mouthed you do not see I have the clear braces on.


How long will they be on for?


So far my braces have been on since the start of March and I am so happy with the results. (Image below) Because the clear aligners mainly deal with the aesthetic view of the front teeth- the first six teeth on top and bottom, then I gather this process is a bit speedier than if you have to have teeth removed at the back for fixed braces. A friend just had her fixed braces removed after almost two years. So that puts it into context how short this time of me having a lisp is while my clear braces do their job.


Can anyone qualify for braces?

If you decide to invest in the clear aligners you must have a consultation first to see if your teeth qualify and can benefit and move. I have been working with Emma in Mercer and she will talk you through all the pros and cons and what the steps are before you commit.


This is an investment that I have collaborated with Mercer dental on and after living 36 years of my life with my crossed front teeth, I am delighted to be doing this for my smile! You can se my first post and my ‘before’ shots here.