My mental wellbeing + FREE gym passes

My mental wellbeing + FREE gym passes

My postpartum body is a topic I didn’t think would become such a part of my blog but the lovely thing about this space is that I don’t have to adhere to sponsorship deals in order to get the “right content” or to say a certain brand a million times over.

I can follow my audience and showcase my own journey so you in turn get to know me, a little bit about my family and my business. 

Abe is a glorious nine months old and what a “chicken” he is . He has a huge amount of teeth which keep popping like popcorn kernels in his little gums. He crawls with the left leg out to the side showing us that he wants to stand and pull himself up on the furniture. A step off cruising.
Put simply, he has (at the risk of sounding corny ) brought so much light to my life and our family as a whole. We adore him and all his bossing us about.

I’m not going to lie, the step up from two to three kids has been pretty significant but I put most of that down to the fact that my business is (to my surprise and delight) thriving beautifully which keeps me on my toes but means the household is a little fraught from time to time. Also, Abe is a whole other human to dress, feed, change, train how to sleep and dose calpol into when his nose runs and he coughs and splutters all over the dinner table.

My head has been a little jumbled and I have to say that my fitness is the thing that keeps me together.

I don’t mean fitness in a body obsessive way (although my self criticism and unrealistic strive for perfection in the same body that grew and sustained three little humans, can affect my training at times) but more a mental capacity.

Fitness serves me well.

I have my little group of girls who I see daily at the gym, I have an hour to talk about fluff and to listen to even more fluff (Jason Derula is a current fave or Usher ‘crash’) through my wireless headphones (I use these cheap little boyos). I am in my own space for an hour of MY time.

Fitness is my medicine.

I still think I might check in with a counsellor just to get a few methods in place for coping with the growing side of my business and also for the parenting side of things too.

I went to counselling after my second born and found little tools and mechanisms which guided me in daily life meaning I didn’t self implode.

Since Abe arrived I have noticed that I sit more with the boys. In the past I would have ran after friends, driven to soft play which exhausted all of us.

But Abe shed some light on the fact that these three little guys are my absolute core and they need me ( as much as I need them). My years of running are over.

I watch them play football in the garden practising their rainbow flicks (not ALL the time because that would mean I don’t do dishes or make dinner. They play football every day all day so much so that my garden is a muck heap).

Sometimes I even humour them and watch them on the dreaded Nintendo wii which I bought off gumtree for fifty quid and have cursed it every day since.

Sitting on the ground with the three of them to play ‘donkey’ on the rug is becoming a thing we enjoy after the school pick up and before homework (fights) begin.

Allowing myself to bring Stephanie on to work for me has served my mental wellbeing also. I don’t hide the fact that she is an asset to my brand and is so creative it is beautiful to see her flare and professionalism in the print orders and online work she does for me. This means I can create more paintings and focus on collaborations with other brands.

A friend said recently that she thinks I hustle harder since Abe came along which may be right.

I have less hours to myself now there are three of them (parenting the boys has become zonal defence now instead of man to man!) , thinking about dinners, where the next after school activity is, how many birthday parties we have on at the weekend , how to manage all of this with one car and a husband who coaches hockey. It can be a bit mental.

But you know what ? My life is no more mental than your life or the next person to write a blogpost about parenting and self employment! We all work hard to keep life together for our crew.

I am so happy to have the mayhem and to be in my mayhem.

What is your outlet when/if you get an hour to yourself?

If fitness interests you and you are in Northern Ireland then get excited!!

My gym, David Lloyd Belfast, are offering my readers a FREE family day pass between now and March 15th.

All you have to do is to call 0345 129 6705  tell them you read Darling Edna blog and tell them your name. Then they will book you in for your family or individual experience at the club. Amazing!!!

Be quick off the mark as the first forty families will be booked in.

If you think it is too good to be true then feel free to comment below or send me an e mail and I will try to send you in the right direction.

This is the reason I make this blog, to offer you content and to bring a little happiness… especially if it is gym related because I adore my gym time.

Come join me for the fitness fun and to give your head a break from your mayhem!!

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*Thanks to David Lloyd for backing this fun plan for my readers*