#MumLife || 4 Guest bloggers

#MumLife || 4 Guest bloggers

This is a quick feature showing some of my awesome blogger friends who also happen to be Mums.

Thanks to Mel, Janine, Alice and Janice for sharing their


As parents we know that parenting is 24/7 and ever changing so,

it’s good to take a moment and recognise the comedy.

You hear enough from me on here but if I had to choose my three moments from the past week they would pretty much all involve our run in as a household with LICE!!! It’s a whole other blogpost in the making. Boke.

Below you will see

the girls with their families, their answers to the questions and, the print they would choose from the GIFTS FOR HER section of my website shop.

Simply click on their names to go to their incredible blogs which are full of wisdom, comedy and insightfulness.

There are even recipes and DIYs in there too.

Alice Judge-Talbot 
#MumLIFE Alice Harold features on Aly Harte's blog Darling Edna

Best mum moment in the past week: my five year old daughter getting ten out of ten in her spellings at school. She works so hard and is such a bright spark, it’s an absolute joy to see her get so much happiness from her school achievements. I was just the same at her age!

Funniest Mum moment in the past week: my three year old son parroting my favourite expressions back to me. Today it was, while he was sharing a few special treat sweets with his sister “One at a time!”. I love hearing my influence in the things they say to each other.

Lowest Mum moment in the past week: poo on the hand. You think you’ll get rid of ever smearing poo on your hands again when your kids are out of nappies but THIS IS NOT THE CASE. That crap (literally) gets everywhere, even when you’re bum wiping a school-aged child. I never washed my hands as much before I was a mother… thank god for sweet-smelling soaps.

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Mel Wiggins

Mel Wiggins features on Aly Harte's blog Darling Edna

Funniest Mum moment in the past week: Teaching Levi to say David Brent lines from ‘The Office’ and watching people’s faces when he randomly says them.

Lowest Mum moment in the past week: Not realising I forgot a drink for Levis lunch until parked at the school & then grabbing a random one lying in the boot of the car that could potentially be carrying some sort of bacterial virus.
Best Mum moment in the past week: Lots of chat about the new baby coming & Levi offering to get up with us in the night when the baby is crying to help us out. What a sweet child who will deeply regret that offer.

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Janice Armstrong 

Janice Armstrong of GatheredThreads blog features on Aly HArte's blog about Mum life!

Funniest Mum moment in the past week: Annie being fascinated by space at the minute, looked on the sky view app at all the planets for ages and then complained that she couldn’t find earth anywhere!!
Lowest Mum moment in the past week: The difficulties that one of my girls has at school frustrates me…that during homework this week I berated her further. That I, her mum, affirm her weakness.Would I want my weaknesses highlighted and acknowledged in a negative way by those who love me most? It has made me take stock and think how I should speak into this area of her wee life before she listens to the lies that tell her that a score is where she finds her worth.

Best Mum moment in the past week: Many little moments…with the light nights they are out playing on the street after homeworks are done and watching all 3 rollerblading together…the older 2 giving wee Maddie ‘lessons’ / bedtime chats / cycles in the fresh air

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Janine Boyd

Janine Boyd features on Aly Harte's blog Darling Edna

Funniest Mum moment in the past week: Possibly watching Patrick (nearly 13 😱) kill time waiting for the Year 9 Glenlola/BGS disco! He faffed with his hair and just didn’t know what to do with himself!
Best Mum moment in the past week: Patrick came with me to walk Oscar round the point and then realising he’s turning into a really nice person to spend time with.
Lowest Mum moment of the past week: – being hounded all the way to the ensuite at the top of the house to be shown another YouTube video! Twelve year olds think the stupidest crap is funny and I just wanted a quiet poo in peace!! You’d think they’d be past that!!

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