#MOTHERHOODALIVE | Print + Insta meet

#MOTHERHOODALIVE | Print + Insta meet

If you’re new to my blog but have been following Mel and my #Motherhoodalive community on instagram then hello and welcome.

We have been absolutely blown away by the response to our simple idea encouraging Mums to show us in an instagram square what makes them spark.

If you need reminded of the whole notion, here is a link to our initial video for the hashtag.

To celebrate the global interaction (it kind of blew up when some of the big instagram accounts started to use and promote our fun idea) and to coincide with Mothering Sunday in the US, above is a print we designed for you.

You can get the print for FREE by clicking the link below.


Our only ask is that you print and frame it or stick it on your fridge and tag us @melwiggins  @aly.harte on instagram with your shot!

We totally love the print’s simplicity and are THRILLED to have you on board.

Furthermore we are arranging an instal-meet.

Yes! A real life meet up in Northern Ireland

so keep your eyes peeled for details and let us know your interest in the comments below.

#motherhoodalive IG community Mel Wiggins + Aly Harte. Follow their journey + join in for a sense of community + love amongst mothers

A massive THANK YOU for making our little dream come true.

Keep snapping + hash tagging!

Ps: Mel and I are both in the throws of the newborn fun so we don’t get to comment and engage with the photos as much as we would like. Please know we appreciate all of your tagging and we will keep trying to see all the photos.. and we love your photography skills!

Finally! Here is my blogpost on instagram which includes my photography tips should you wish to play a little.


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