Molly Sims and Kim Perfetto fitness inspo

Molly Sims and Kim Perfetto fitness inspo


I am constantly on the lookout for inspiration with food and wellbeing.

I love food too much to let it get boring. Simple recipes and snack don’t necessarily mean boring.

Since being unwell (I caught pneumonia almost a year ago, read more on that here.) I have learned to go a little easier on my body. That can mean easy in terms of giving it enough rest (because life is EXHAUSTING at times, right?), eating unhealthy dinners out or having takeaway pizza with my kids so that I embrace and enjoy life with friends, or simply just being kinder to my inner “body hater”, the voice that criticises how I look every morning when I look in the mirror.

I have Cameron Diaz’s body book and Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘It’s all good’ recipe book (I have a thing for Gwyneth and her natural un botoxed face and long legs. ). It seems I’m racking up a number of celebrity health books. I don’t care for their bodies but I guess there is something appealing about them having a voice besides acting or runway and using their toned bodies, clear skin and workouts to inspire normal people like me.

Molly Sims ‘The everyday supermodel’ is not in my celebrity body books libra, yet. I was put off by the reference to ‘model’ but since discovering how cool and fun she is I can see why it is a best-seller.

I enjoy her videos and anything she has to do with fitness guru Kym Perfetto. They are both so engaging and uplifting which helps if you’re struggling with routine or recipe ideas.

This video is a good insight into staying lean, switching unhealthy foods for healthy fun ones, and a bit about working out when and how best suits you.