Kettle bell + band workout – Mike McComish

Kettle bell + band workout – Mike McComish


Having worked out a few times at David Lloyd with Mike it has reminded me, once again, that small significant movements in personal fitness can make all the difference when wanting to get results.

In case you are new to the site head over here to read all about Mike. The blogpost includes his back ground as a professional rugby player as well as his love for family time and all about his personal training.

The resistant band routine above is all about making deliberate moves and executing them well. No fancy jumping around just straight forward movements performed well.

I have added in another workout below with kettle bells that Mike showed me and we did after the band session. It was such a hit on my instagram and I know you will love it too.

I have the bigger bands that I bought at Podium4 Sport but they are also online. The mini bands are a little trickier and I have yet to locate them so just borrow my gyms or Mike’s.


1 mini band

1 larger band approximately


Perform each move ten times.

  • Single leg Mini band movement prep/activation for lowers.
  • Core, hamstring, abductors (glutes) & adductors used with improved stability
  • 4point banded glute kick back (full glute contraction (squeeze) at top of the movement
  • Banded hip thruster with hold (the closer the heels are to the glutes the greater glute isolation is achieved)
  • Ensure heels stay on the ground throughout the movement.

Add this circuit to your workout and also the kettle bell one below


Various weighted kettlebells

Medicine ball

Please use weights suited to your ability + remember I speed the videos up for your viewing convenience!

•KB dead lift (full glute engagement/recruitment from bottom of movement)

•KB Swing

•KB Push Press

•Med Ball Slam

•Loaded Carry (postural  importance, shoulders retracted/chest up).

Start at the bottom of your pyramid with 2 reps or at the top of your pyramid whatever size you want it to be!

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