It’s more about palette than paint

It’s more about palette than paint

Life is a bit like the title of this blogpost– it’s about the palette more than the paint. In other words, how paint is mixed, blended,  squeezed out side by side to another colour, is more exciting and/ or damaging than the paint itself.

Put simply- the place where paints are mixed is the best place in the world. It holds all the possibilities more than the tubes which carry the paint.

I am finding that right now with the abstract pieces that I am making. I feel I have waited a long time to expand my emotional brush marks and palette scrapes to anything other than landscapes. So it gives me great pleasure to start to put together paint palettes of brights with muted tones and then to combine them on textured canvas.

In the beginning I thought that I would call this series’ gifts from grief’. I have been working on the theme ‘feels like home’ from January. So this felt fitting.

However, I am not sure that I want that to be the final call. It felt like a blend of the structure of landscape painting along with poetry and of course my love of making colour.

All pieces shown are on canvas.