Irish Chef Sophie Morris- GUEST RECIPE

Irish Chef Sophie Morris- GUEST RECIPE

When you have the cookbook of an Irish chef on your kitchen shelf and they agree to share one of their recipes with you, it’s flipping exciting.

I was first introduced to Sophie’s cookbook, through my sister in law Jen who studied at Trinity with her and I immediately loved the homeliness of the food, the moody crisp photography and the fact that Sophie lists the seasonal vegetables so we can keep our shopping local.

You can buy her book ‘Quick and Easy feel good food’  here and know that it is family friendly.

Also on Sophie’s list of talents is her company ‘Kooky Dough‘ which is a genius way to have delicious home baked cookies at home without having to fuss around for ingredients.

Again, so family relevant or, amazing for a night on the sofa watching Netflix (read more about my Netflix obsession ).

I fully intended to share Sophie’s Summer recipe with you before now but as you can see I have been in a time warp just North of New York city for almost three months. Therefore, time has escaped me.

You can still embrace this recipe for the bank holiday weekend ahead and during the September cool down.

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Zucchini Pasta with Roast Garlic Walnut Pesto

If you’re a fan of pasta but want to enjoy a healthier option every now and again then it’s definitely worth investing in a spiralizer a vegetable spiral slicer that is super for making zucchini pasta in particular.

This lovely summer dish is made with zucchini pasta and a gorgeous pesto that you will love.

The pesto is made with walnuts as opposed to the traditional pine nuts, so you’ll not only get the classic taste of pesto, but also the added flavor of walnuts that bring with them some healthy fats and even some protein.

This dish is great on its own, but you can always top it with grilled chicken or shrimp.

The key to this recipe is making sure you take the time to drain the zucchini noodles before tossing it with the pesto. This keeps your pesto sauce from getting too watery. Make the zucchini pasta first and let it drain while you make the pesto.


Serves 2

● 2 large bunches of Fresh Basil leaves

● 40 grams Walnuts

● Olive Oil

● 2 tablespoons of lemon juice

● 4 Zucchini ● Sea Salt

● 1 head of Garlic


1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F/170 degrees C.

2. Cut the top off the garlic head, making sure each individual clove has the tip cut off so you can squeeze the garlic out easily once it’s roasted.

3. Drizzle with 1 teaspoon of olive oil, sprinkle with sea salt and wrap the garlic head in double layer of tinfoil. Roast for 3045 minutes in the oven until the garlic feels soft when squeezed.

4. In the final 10 minutes of roasting, spread the walnuts on a baking sheet and toast in the oven for 8 10 minutes, until lightly browned and fragrant. Let cool to room temperature.

5. Meanwhile, spiralize or julienne the zucchini to make zucchini noodles.

6. When the garlic is done, squeeze the roasted garlic cloves into a food processor and add the toasted walnuts and a good pinch of sea salt. Pulse until mixture resembles large crumbs.

7. Add the basil and lemon juice. With the processor running, stream in 45 tablespoons of olive oil to make a thick paste. Add more oil if you want a looser consistency. Scrape down sides and process until combined. Add additional salt and lemon to taste if needed.

8. Meanwhile pour 1 tablespoon of olive oil into a large pot over a medium high heat. Add the zucchini pasta and stir frequently for about 34 minutes until the zucchini pasta has softened and the excess water has been released.

9. Drain the excess water from the zucchini and return to the heat.

10. Add the pesto to the zucchini and toss until well combined.

Garnish with fresh basil and serve.

Nutritional Facts (per serving)

● Kcal: 408 kcal

● Sugars (g): 5g

● Carbs: 12g

● Fat: 41g

● Saturated fat (g): 5g

● Proteins: 5g



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