Introducing #MotherhoodAlive

Introducing #MotherhoodAlive

Mel is a familiar face to my blog.

She shared this post on living ethically and also some comedy Mum moments two days ago along with three other bloggers.

Although we met online,

Mel and I now have a fun, honest, laughter filled, photo loving real life friendship.

As a duo, after much deliberation we came up with a hashtag and hope to venture into a little online world with you.

A world where motherhood is celebrated as a motivator

for creative and inspired living.

Often Motherhood is criticised and portrayed as a life sucker

for us mums due to the constant tiredness and the overwhelm we can feel.

As you will note in our (cringe worthy!) 2minute video above ,

Mel and I wish to encourage all of you (and ourselves) by using the hashtag #MotherhoodAlive on instagram to see your inspired side.

#MotherhoodAlive with Mel Wiggins and Aly Harte. |

Whether that be reconnecting with music, literature, mountain biking or cooking. We encourage it all!

The pace of this “project” is ongoing and unhurried so drop in and out as you see fit.


This is for the stay-at-home mother, the working mother, the self-employed mother and everything in between.

Sure, we know that

some days we will feel less than inspired and will want to give a big eye-roll to this project

all together but that’s why we want to create a community around this – to encourage and stand beside each other when those days (or weeks or months) of doom arrive.

So if it sounds like something you’re up for joining us in (and we hope it is!) – here’s what to do:

+ Follow us on instagram (@melwiggins & @aly.harte so we can see your pics – if you’re private & we’re not instabuds we might not see!)

+ Tag your pictures #motherhoodalive and share with us what is keeping you going these days, the stuff that is fun, silly, inspiring and bringing you life.

+ Look through the hashtag on instagram to see how other mamas are staying inspired and feel free to join the conversation, make friends and support one another.

At the end of each month,

Mel and I are going to (with your permission) feature some snaps on our blogs

and perhaps give away some of my new prints (the pineapple and grapefruit prints just launched yesterday!).

Hopefully they can motivate and inspire you for this journey.

We really hope you will join us – we can’t wait to see your pics!


Hop over to see what Mel has to say on her blog about #MOTHERHOODALIVE