Improving mobility to allow for “The Perfect squat”

Improving mobility to allow for “The Perfect squat”

All of us want a Kylie butt at some stage, don’t we?

I try damn hard to get my ass to the grass but often the shaky legs and my woeful balance catch me off guard which in turn adds to the waiting and pondering over the Kylie butt posterior.

So it is no wonder that when Daniel, our expert of the month suggested a squat themed exercise, that I jumped at it.

You will see in the video above that Daniel tested my squat technique and worked to improve it teaching me various mobility techniques.



Format only PT's can undertand

Format only PT’s can understand!



Language we can understand! All in video above.

Until fairly recently I didn’t really understand the importance of mobility and maximising that so I can workout more efficiently or lift weights without pain.

Daniel’s says

Squatting, especially overhead is a great test of mobility. Mobility is often overlooked as you cannot directly see it, but never underestimate its power. Increased flexibility, improved performance, reduced injury risk, better recovery rates and a better, more efficient movement pattern.

I think no matter whether you can lift your arms higher than me when you squat, or if you are steadier than me and my shaky right knee, you will still benefit from these mobility exercises.

Check out Daniel if you’re in the Belfast area- see his details and all about him in this post.

Also I am a BIG advocate for his new clothing line, Motion Sportswear.