If you want to make your arms fall off. Tracy Anderson effect.

If you want to make your arms fall off. Tracy Anderson effect.

I have an obsession with sculpted arms. I don’t really have sculpted arms and I eat sour patch kids and drink wine too often to allow my little biceps any time to tighten up regardless of the training I put into them. But I like the idea of strength in the upper body.

Even Madonna with her manly limbs appeals to me, for some unknown reason…

Perhaps it’s the strength I know she has under that aged veiny skin. She is about eighty years old these days, right?

So if you’re like me and you like a decent arm workout get your determination hyped and feast your eyes and triceps on this video by Tracy Anderson.

I first heard about Tracy when Victoria Beckham mentioned her in an interview (Eugh, admitting that I stalk Victoria Beckham in the first month of my blog launching. Dangerous confession). Then I found her on instagram.

Tracy is a tiny little ball of fire who leads dance aerobics classes (not like the aerobics your Mum and Aunty went to on a Friday night back in the day at the local community centre, then sat eating cake and drinking copious cups of tea after they were done. Sorry Mum). Tracy gives minimal instructions so you have to follow her every move and co ordinate your own body. TUFF workout with the mind and the limbs being let loose and the missed beats to the music. Exhausting to even think about. But she is a sensation and seems to have a cool vibrant personality that matches her ethos of enjoying your body to the max.

If nothing else, viewing her other workout videos will remind you that there are people out there who simply love what they do. She is in the ZONE.

This workout doesn’t involve weights so you can do it anywhere. I did five of the seven minutes after I did an early morning boxing class. I struggled to wash my breakfast dishes after it.