Ideas for your leftovers | RECIPE|

Ideas for your leftovers | RECIPE|

I posted about resourcefulness before.

It is something as a nation we are moving closer towards bettering.

With resources at our finger tips ;

more recycling bins available, less packaging on foods, clothes bins and buying local etc all contribute to reducing our carbon footprint and overall view towards helping the planet.

I am not educated enough on the topic of our environment to write more than that little blurb

so please know that the love  I have for using leftovers actually came from my Granny who you may or may not know is the lady who inspired this blog.

She made the most magnificent fried potatoes from leftover boiled spuds

and I have her to thank for my refraining from throwing away EVERY pick in the fridge just because the out of date sticker was difficult to read.

Using our leftovers makes us creative in our meals,

helps us to stray outside of the mundane recipes which fill our week. And they can turn out pretty darn tasty.

Ideas for your fridge/cupboard leftovers

  • Salads. Two or three strawberries, a handful of nuts and some greek yoghurt can jazz up a salad.My whole food diet | RECIPES | Aly Harte| Darling Edna
  • Roasted veg. A great way to use veggies that are a little wrinkly but not quite dead yet. Also they become sweet when you roast them- beaut. Add maple syrup to sweeten them further.
  • Omelettes are the classic fridge leftover deal. I have another omelette cake from leftovers here.omelette-3
  • Juices. I love to use my juicer as a way of cleaning out the last chops of cucumber or the apples at the bottom of the fruit bowl.resourcefulness post
  • Soups. My mother in law and I agree that a good stock can make pretty much any soup taste good. Broccoli and cauliflower soup even tastes good with a good base. Also use the last half an onion and streak of bacon and celery to boost flavours in there.Carrot and Coriander soup_
  • Stuffing mix. I use my bread which is on it’s way out to make breadcrumbs for turkey burgers and freeze other bags of it to be used for homemade stuffing.

A breakfast compiled from my fridge leftovers (feature picture)


Pittas toasted and halfed

Dregs of my almond milk frothed to top our coffees

Juice included:

  • half romaine lettuce
  • 1 lemon
  • 1/2 lime
  • 1 pear
  • half bag of chopped kale
  • cucumber pieces
  • ginger
  • celery sticks


  1. mangetout
  2. 6 eggs
  3. feta cheese
  4. goats cheese
  5. cheddar grated
  6. mozarella grated
  7. mushrooms
  8. cherry tomatoes

I made the omelette in the frying pan and then grilled the top of it to melt all the delicious variation of cheeses.

A meal for two and an empty fridge ready for re stock.