Hollie Edgar- Expert of the month Q&A

Hollie Edgar- Expert of the month Q&A

Hollie and I both have our own little Toby characters in our houses.

I mean that we both have a son called Toby. This isn’t our only thread of common ground. We both LOVE  a good outdoor upbeat workout, and a laugh.

Running or training with Hollie is at the pace she knows you can handle and her encouragement is amazing.

My first experience of a workout class run by Hollie was with my friend Sarah. We both felt Hollie’s passion for enjoyment shone threw from day one.

Hollie and I run or do a little Sunday circuit on occasion and it just feels GREAT to work out with someone who is so passionate.

Name Hollie Edgar
Age 31
Occupation Bootcamp Instructor
Location Belfast

In a few lines tell us a bit about yourself, work, family, lifestyle etc.

I am a mum to two beautiful crazy boys, Toby 6yrs old and Jonah 19months.
Wife to Tim and married for 8 years. I’ve been working in fitness for almost 4.5years. For the first 3 years as a Freelance Bootcamp and Circuit instructor then after having baby number 2, moved into setting up my own business with local franchise in Belfast Tribal Fitness Ladies Only Bootcamps, which has been such an wonderful first year with all my clients.
I love everything that involves being active and making the most of the body I’ve been given! I’m also a keen amateur cook, playing around with lots of veggie and sugar free recipes, especially love chatting to friends and clients about nutrition and making the most of all the treasures that grow from the earth! COFFEE…I love it, love finding quiet gaps in my crazy days and meditating on thoughts and plans, with a coffee in hand of course!

You are now a Group Fitness/ Bootcamp Instructor, also specialising in Pre/Postnatal training, Can you tell us a bit about your sporting / fitness background?

I started Athletics at the age of 5. My dad was the man with all the passion, motivation and appreciation for the amazing things that come from participating in sport. I am so grateful to him for starting me so young. Years of training at Mary Peters track, allowed me to meet lots of amazing childhood friends, it was somewhere that taught me many life lessons. I got the opportunity to compete in countless competitions for a large variety of disciplines. Representing my country around the UK as a young athlete was such an adventure.

After I finished Athletics competitively in my 20’s I studied and worked in Health Promotion for a number of years, continuing with fitness training purely for my own enjoyment (It is in my blood now).
After having my first born, I decided working in fitness was the most natural root for me to take into self employment, and there started my journey. I mostly train alone, I use it as quiet time plus it allows me to be really flexible with when I squeeze in training sessions throughout the week. My training is usually cardio runs (never more than 5k) and lots of free weight training. I love HIIT workouts using fun equipment like sandbags, tires, dip stations. I usually do most of my training in my back garden!

What do you enjoy most about what you do now?

I have so many females around me at the moment that inspire me with fitness. My clients for one. Their level of dedication is overwhelming at times, women with hugely hectic lives still committing to weekly training sessions with me at Tribal. 2 sometimes 3 times a week. It’s not hard for me to be motivated to train because I really love it, and need it in my life. I enjoy the feeling of hard physical work, muscle tiredness, even being out of breath, my brain has learnt over time to enjoy that physical response to training. Plus I LOVE being strong. Skinny is NOT something I desire to be. I want my kids to be able to be carried, one under each arm and know I am strong enough to do it without wrecking myself.

How important is nutrition to you?

Nutrition is massively important. It comes before fitness training at the moment for me. My body responds so badly to unhealthy processed foods, so I do spend a fair amount of time preparing and planning meals. Plus really important to me that my kids eat healthy, that can always be challenging.
I can’t encourage clients and friends enough to look at what they’re eating before they start into a massive fitness regime. I am a huge believer that we must look deeper into why we eat what we eat. What are our emotional triggers, and how important it is to create a good relationship with food.

What is your favourite activity to do outside of sport/fitness?

I love coffee shops and picnics. Finding quiet spaces of natural beauty and just chilling.
Have always been a movie addict, but find it hard to stay awake for them these days (Body’s always tired)

Where was the last place you holidayed?

Our last trip away was to Spain not long before baby number 2 was born. We wanted to have some quality time with our oldest Toby. Excited to have just gone on a trip to Canada in July as a 4!

Do you have any advice for your younger self?

Love ‘ME’ more. I wish I had of put more energy into loving, trusting and depending more upon myself, rather than the validation of others. Plus RELAX more. Everything is temporary so worry less.

If you had to chose one cheat meal what would it be?

My husband is an amazing Pizza maker so I love enjoying those. I don’t really do the whole “cheat meal” thing. I just enjoy homemade cooked meals and at times they are things that others would consider counter productive to my training.


Where can people find you
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