Help me fight against cancer. Art+Awareness.

Help me fight against cancer. Art+Awareness.

For the month of October I will be giving 20% of sales from four of my art prints (priced between £10 and £30) to four charities related to tackling cancer. Will you join me?

I kind of hate using the word ‘ cancer’ because of what it means and how it sounds to so many of us who have been affected either directly or through a family member or friend. My good friend Laura changed cancer to ” the melt” for the months following her diagnosis and I think that sums up the sinking feeling as those words resonate.

So, with tears rolling down my cheeks and my hand firmly on my heart, I am going to use my little corner of the internet to promote the fight against all things cancer here on my blog and across my social media during October.

I have no consistent affiliation with the charities listed, it is a bit like when I work with personal trainers for the blog, I don’t favour anyone in particular and sorry if I missed you out. The link with each charity in October is personal to me and I can hopefully support your charity in the future or with a print for your next raffle prize.

If this is something you would like from me apply here. I have a number of prints set aside and we only give to registered and legitimate charities.

The charities linked to my prints are Fintan’s fund, Action Cancer, Cancer focus NI and Macmillan for the month of October. Each one gets alongside people with cancer in one way or another. I’m so excited to be doing this!

Awareness and addressing these incredible charities who work day in and day out on the frontline of this stinking disease is something I feel strongly about.

When it comes down  to it, it’s people who are at the core of this, human beings with God given bodies who suffer because of “the melt”. The Ordinary and the everyday life changes dramatically.

Here is a short introduction to the prints and folk I am going to be interviewing over the next few weeks.

Laura who I mentioned above and have a picture of below will tell us about her journey with breast cancer, her recent operation and we discuss the BRAC1 gene. This gene is something that Cancer Focus NI are researching right now.


The think pink campaign is running in October for breast cancer awareness. I met some of the Cancer focus NI volunteers recently and understand more about how important research is to know more about cancer, it’s growth, it’s place and how we can prevent it or work against it.

The dancing girl print is limited edition and it is my most pink print. It is A5 (5.8 x 8.3 in). It livens up any space. Twenty percent of each sale in the month of October will go towards the Think pink campaign. Find the print here.




The horrible/weird/significant thing with cancer is the journey it takes each individual on. The person affected and each of us on the periphery are affected by this journey. As Rachael from Fintans’ fund said “we all have our own journey”.

Rachael tells of  her journey after her husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer, what Fintan’s fund is all about and how the charity helps to make memories that matter for young people affected by cancer. As an artist I make art which promotes feelings of nostalgia and there is such an emphasis on memories made . This is just one of the reasons I can’t wait to have Rachael share her story.

The bicycle prints show different bicycles for our different journeys and 20% of all sales in October will go to Fintan’s fund charity. Every bicycle a different colour. They are postcard size and perfect for gift giving or to stand alone in a frame.


Kirsty (pictured below) works at my gym and is always smiling! She is running the New York marathon on November 5th for Action cancer

Twenty percent of the sales from the NYC dreaming print featured below will go to Action cancer. I refuse to let cancer shatter dreams so this print symbolises light and energy. The NYC dreaming print is A5 in size and so many of my customers have styled it in a grey frame or white frame. The vibrancy of the print will give hope and colour to your world. It is size A5 ( 5.8 x 8.3 in) and you can buy it here.

Finally, a little more expectant of me myself and I. I am joining Macmillan  to go sober for October. If I am honest it is 27 days instead of 31 days in October for me as we go to holiday and I have a 12 hour flight with two of the three kids on my own during the halloween break and I think i will need a wee beverage by then!!

So, as seamlessly as it may seem, twenty percent of sales from the drinks prints (alcoholic and non alcoholic- for the coffee drinkers there are coffee cups on here) will all be supporting Macmillan and the work they do to help people to take back some control of their life after diagnosis.

Wish me luck and go have a browse at the full range!  Most of the drinks prints come in two sizes- postcard (4x6in) and the luxury A5 (5.8 x 8.3 in) See all here.

We have gin, prosecco, cocktails, whiskey, beer and many more prints in the art drinks bar. Enjoy your browse here and thanks for giving back.

I can’t wait to share with you the stories I have and the fun we have planned. In the meantime please share this post to raise awareness for the charities involved.

Thank you