Headstands, why I love them.

Headstands, why I love them.

Do you have a party trick?

I was at a friend’s party once and before the night had even begun, a friend put a cushion under her head and went straight into a headstand. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Her torso tucked under her ribs and legs and toes straight pointed to the sky.

It looked impossible and like it took years of yoga practice.

Then two years later I found myself at YogaVida flow yoga class (I had been practising yoga on and off for a few years previous to this. If you’re a beginner I recommend you do so under supervision at a class) giving my first headstand a go. Just like that, I was head over backside trying to kick my legs in the air. I should point out that yoga classes in NYC tend to be as cramped as a chicken coup. Furthermore I had the celebrity Alec Baldwin right behind me as I kicked and squeaked and panted my distorted body. The poor man.

I failed miserably but learned how and where to start with a headstand. There is a little point on your head that you actually leverage from rather than the very top of the crown. This super enthusiastic fitness blogger’s video shows a good beginner’s guide. But as before, I think a class setting is best.

Once I did my first headstand I felt immediate satisfaction and a renewed appreciation for my core muscles.

I had two big babies weighing in at almost 10lbs so thought the muscles were lost forever.

There is the flushing of toxins when you perform a headstand that adds to the benefits of blood circulation from the heart. It is also believed that because of this blood flow to the scalp, there is the potential for the reversal of grey hair… enough to make me try it daily!!

*If you have circulation health issues, blood pressure, eye injuries or indeed neck injuries please do not attempt a headstand without professional advice*