Green juices. The fad that I think will stick around for a while.

Green juices. The fad that I think will stick around for a while.

As part of the Expert of the month series I have found myself really interested in the answers of the Q&A sections the professionals fill in.

Right through to the people that own health food shops, or own their own businesses based in fitness and sport. They (the professionals) have all seen a rise in the interest in nutrition and the movement surrounding fitness.

It seems that although obesity is on the rise and  is quite apparent in our society, certainly statistically, the thirst and enjoyment we are experiencing around the health and wellbeing kick is phenomenal. I wouldn’t have this blog if we weren’t all on the whole food, feel good, strong not skinny bandwagon!

Green juices are something that pop up on my daily instagram feed and I really don’t think they will be leaving us anytime soon.

They are a way to get the goodness extracted from fruit and vegetables and they taste (I think) divine so why would we take this out of our weekly routine when it sounds so easy and nutritional!?

Well, expense and waste could be two reasons they might fade out. The money needed for fresh ingredients can be super expensive (I talk more about that here). Also there is waste at the end of the process once the juice has been extracted out. This upsets me and I have yet to find a soup recipe that allows lemon, lime and celery combinations into it without tasting a bit odd. If you have wisdom on this please comment below, I am open to suggestions.

My staple green juice.

If you hate bitter things you may not love this… at first.


-1/2 lemon

-1 lime

-3 stalks celery

-substantial chunk of fresh ginger

-3/4 of a cucumber

-1 Granny smith apple

-sprig of fresh mint if you have it



-Wire it all through the juicer, add ice and enjoy.