Greek yoghurt “Ice cream” RECIPE

Greek yoghurt “Ice cream” RECIPE

OBVIOUSLY there are times when full fat delicious (preferably, for me, Mauds pooh bear or cookie dough Ben and Jerry’s) ice cream is essential.

But, if you’re on the fitness or clean eating bandwagon and want it to stay that way, then this a fun and sweet alternative.


One waffle cone (any variety, I know Marks and Spencer sell them. I picked a box up for 25p recently in their clearance)

Greek yoghurt (I LOVE Clandeboye or Fage )



One square 80%dark chocolate (I used Coden and Brown)

If you have other fresh fruit that you prefer or is more in season with your greek yoghurt use that


Scoop alternate greek yoghurt and berries into the waffle cone until full.

Decorate with chocolate cube.



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