Fridge leftovers Omelette cake.

Fridge leftovers Omelette cake.

Fridge leftovers are something we seem to have in our house more now than ever before.

I reckon this happened in the past year after I stole my Mother’s thirty six year old slow cooker.

I make bulk meals and religiously cook breasts of chicken in it for sandwiches  and lazy dinners.

I will share this simple method to shredded chicken style slow cooked chicken here soon.

A packet of bacon is also in the fridge every other week and is used more sparingly than we used to. White bread sandwiches with heaps of butter and ketchup, although sometimes appear when energy levels are low or craving take over, seem to be replaced with omelettes infused by bacon lardons or soup bases using a rind or two for adding flavour.

Another staple these days (much to my husband’s dismay) is courgette (zucchini for my American readers). My friend sells a cost effective and incredibly easy to use spiraller that has changed my relationship with courgettes for EVER. In a nutshell,a spiraller makes vegetables into noodles. Great stuff.

So it is no surprise that my omelette includes bacon, half a spiralled courgette and chicken and the usual cheddar cheese that knocks about most of our fridges (if we eat dairy).


* 1 slice of bacon (I cheekily had streaky bacon but you can get some good butcher cut and take all the fat off)

* Half a breast of cooked chicken sliced

* Half a courgette spiralled

* Four eggs

*Chunk of cheddar cheese (or parmesan, or goats cheese, or mozzarella )

*Salt and Pepper


* Slice bacon into tiny pieces and add to dry pan.

*Allow juices of the bacon to act as the frying fat. Turn heat up.

* Once bacon starts to crisp and become quite noisy in the pan, move it to one side (don’t remove it from the pan) and add in spiralled courgette

*Courgette can be watery so if you want to release some of that turn the heat back up and mix it with the bacon fat. (This may turn some of you but I think it adds to the overall flavour.)

* After about two minutes when courgette is warmed through and maybe even quite crispy add in your sliced chicken.

* Turn heat down to medium. Mix all ingredients together and warm through.

*Crack eggs into a bowl and whisk. Season well.

*Add eggs to the pan on top of the bacon, chicken and courgette mixture.

*Allow to cook and when small bubbles or signs such as egg turning white showing it’s cooked on the underside show, take off the heat.

* Turn hob off and turn grill on. Grate cheddar on top of the omelette, place whole pan under the grill.

*Keep a close eye (especially if your pan has a plastic handle like mine. Nobody wants a house fire!) and when top is browned remove from the grill.

*loosen omelette and slide onto chopping board.

*Cut it into slices and pile it on top like a cake. To be honest the oly reason mine is a cake is because it was such a flat patehtic looking  omelette that I wouldn’t dare to show it to anyone as foodspiration!

*Serve and enjoy.