FREE Printable || Protein ball RECIPE

FREE Printable || Protein ball RECIPE

I have wanted to do this for you for a while-

give you an opportunity to download and print a RECIPE so you can stick it on your fridge door or put it in your recipe book with the other pages torn from magazines.

So I have started with the simple coconut bounty ball recipe

because it is my most viewed recipe on the blog.

Also you could pass the link to a friend who you know would benefit from my simple whole food recipe.

Don’t forget to tag me in your instagram pics (if you’re private follow me and leave me a wee note so we can be buddies and I can see your creations) of the printable and/or your protein balls when you make them.

I LOVE to see my recipes and prints in your world.

Click here+download your FREE Aly RECIPE

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