Four steps to a smoother morning…

Four steps to a smoother morning…

Ok, first off, I’m a Mum.

So if you are also a Mum and reading this rolling your eyes at the thought of me in any way helping your morning become smoother- know that I am aware that some days it.just.doesn’t.happen.

Kids with night terrors, babies teething, lunch boxes unpacked, exhaustion, exhaustion ,exhaustion (read my Motherhood guide here) all add to the stress and, quite frankly, some mornings are a write off.

And that is perfectly fine.

However, when possible I suggest you place these little ducks in a row and see small (hopefully significant) changes in your morning.

1. Create structure 

Lay out clothes the night before.

I mean, who am I? Victoria Beckham!?

I once read that she set out her outfits on the bed the night before.

I started to copy this idea as a student (perhaps that had more to do with the pressure of being an art student clad in block colours everyday. Furthermore my room mate and I shopped in charity shops so between us we had a WORLD of clothes to haul through) and benefit from it.

So when possible, to take the hassle out of choosing clothes for yourself the next day, give this a try.

It doesn’t have to be fancy, it doesn’t have to be vogue, it just has to be readily available so you jump up, wash your face, get dressed for work or the school run or, both.

If needs be throw a dressing gown over clothes to keep the spew and encrusted wheetabix off your pencil skirt.

Furthermore this is also helpful for the kids –

a uniform at the end of a bed maximises the lazy parenting technique of allowing kids to dress themselves. Winner.

2. Prepare

your foods .

Yes, I know, I sound like the body coach bossing you about.

But it applies to all walks of life whether it be fitness based or just trying to get yourself from Monday to Friday, especially with a family in tow.

Take the ten minutes to think about meals

(even just in your head) as you do your shopping list.

Therefore when the food is there just  lift the frozen meat out of the freezer the morning of usage, pack lunches while you’re waiting on dinner cooking or just before bed, and know what happens each breakfast time.

Then stick to the plan.

For example, we started a rule last year to help our kids teeth and more importantly to help our pocket where we have porridge for breakfast every day apart from at weekends.

And it just takes the arguing, spillages and expense out of Monday through Thursday.

Lastly, if you are on the healthy wagon, I think it is vital that you plan your meals to a certain degree so as to reap the benefits from your training by keeping your diet right and nourishing your body.

3.Avoid distraction

My night before advice-

Put simply (and something I am still working on) keep the bedroom for bedroom activities that don’t involve the blue glare of an i phone, i pad or otherwise…

Your sleep is as vital as your smooth morning so quit the brain activity as soon as you head up the stairs.

In the morning-

try to keep the scrolling on social media to a minimum.

A) It eats up time like you’d never believe and

B) It will make you compare all areas of your life and potentially make you feel inadequate before 7:30am, which is helpful to NO ONE!

4. Have intention

As trite as it sounds, it is a pleasure to be alive and walking this green earth every day.

So, if you’re sleep deprived

then intentionally factor in five minutes somewhere in your day to close your eyes and breathe.

Or treat yourself to an extra coffee mid morning.

If you’ve slept like a log

even better! When that alarm goes off jump to it.

Feet on the floor, roll the shoulders and step into action. *It will be Friday before you know it…*

If you’re just not that into it

Then try to gradually talk yourself around to the fact that you’ll meet new people somewhere along the way this week, you will complete a task (even the menial ones) which will help your mental wellbeing, and you never know who just can’t wait to see your face come through those doors at work everyday.

Good luck!

May we all live in the hope that this week will be smoother than the last…

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