Forerro Rocher protein ball recipe – Stephanie Noble

Forerro Rocher protein ball recipe – Stephanie Noble

Stephanie and I have memberships at David Lloyd and we love to train together.

I think it stems from a similar interest in workouts that are based on fun and often high intensity. See more on my instagram.

We are both in a postpartum frame of mind so gaining a positive attitude towards our bodies is at the centre of our training.

This is good when we workout together for encouragement and accountability.

Over the course of the past few months we have pushed and challenged each other in sharing our circuits with one another (as well as sharing our soundtracks!) Such a fun friend to have!

Stephanie makes us gym girls her protein banana bread and post workout bites from time to time which is so generous and just delightful to have with coffee, especially for me, when I finish my work upstairs in the cafe at David lloyd.

So here is a little about Steph and her recipe details for your memory bank! Thanks Steph

Name Stephanie Noble
A food lover for how long? Forever.
Gym or Run? Gym Gym Gym (although I did do some running at one point)
Inside or outside workout? Inside. I like air conditioning and watching my form in the mirrors (oh and having a good people watch at the gymmers!!)
Smoothie or juice? Prolly smoothie but I’ll take what I can get.
Eat out or sit in? Eat out – no washing up!
Fave meal I like a gutsy spicy sausage & fennel seed pasta if im being naughty but if im trying to eat clean and healthy then a crunchy summer salad with pomegranate seeds
Drink of choice Wine. Sauv blanc or Sancerre

o A little bit about this recipe and why you love it so much.
Its basically Forerro Rocher and who doesn’t love those??! Its most definitely not the ‘healthiest’ thing I have ever made but its also not desperately unhealthy. And because they are little balls, they can sit in your fridge as a perfect post-workout snack and scratch the itch for a piece of chocolate with a cup of tea, without having an actual bar of chocolate. Plus they are silly easy to make.

o Method
Combine 150g of the smashed hazelnuts with the protein powder, oats, milk and nut butter. Roll into 20 balls (Tip: if you find the mixture sticking to your hands, keep a small dish of cold water at the side and dip your hands in that before you roll each ball).

Melt 150g of your chosen chocolate in a bowl. Coat each ball in chocolate then roll in the 50g of reserved smashed hazelnuts.

Cover a tray with greaseproof paper and pop the balls on to this. Put them in the fridge to set and devour at will.


  • Ingredients

2 scoops of Vanilla protein

1 ½ scoops rolled oats

200g ground / smashed hazelnuts (keep 50g back for outer coating)

70ml almond milk

70g peanut or almond butter

150g chocolate


  • (Optional) Breakdown of any fats, macros, carbs etc


I used a milk chocolate and a regular peanut butter so anything different and the marcos will be different. If you want a leaner version, go for dark chocolate instead of milk and a specialised protein almond butter will give you more protein and less fat.

20 Balls – each ball contains:

10.5g fat  5.3g Protein  7.1g carb

Find Steph on instagram here  


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