Kale chips recipe. Crunchy good.

Kale chips recipe. Crunchy good.


Kale chips

Kale is a funny old one. I show it a great deal of love when it comes to smoothies, or these “chips”. But I am not a huge fan of the sauteed side dish variety.

Perhaps it is the strong overpowering reminder that it is essentially a cabbage that turns my tummy a little and takes me back to my mums kitchen with no extractor fan allowing for a strong whiff of boiled cabbage through the house. Saying that, I like cabbage sautéed from time to time with some chicken and a fried egg.

Well, either way this chip recipe is solid and if you bake the leaves twice then you get a proper crisp sensation in your mouth. Let’s be honest that’s why I make these snack dishes. My head thinks for just a milli second that what it has in there is a McCoys salt n malt vinegar hand cut crisp. This is what counts, fooling my body into the good stuff. I jest, I jest. There is a time and a place for Mccoy’s real deal crisps, like paired with a gin and tonic, or for adding full fat crunch to the top pf a chicken and broccoli bake. But that’s not why we’re here…

If you can get locally sourced kale which comes in a big bunch definitely do that for this recipe. The bags that come pre cut in the large supermarkets (they do here in the UK anyway) are good but they make life a bit tricky for kale chips recipes. The best way to make the crisps is to tear the leaf part from the stalk. This harder to do when the bag you buy has been pre chopped and your crisps after cooking are smaller than your thumbnail.


Ingredients and equipment

* One big bunch of flowery kale

* Tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil (or I have used canola oil and rapeseed oil before)

* Kitchen towel or dish cloth

*Sea salt

* Roasting pan

*Oven 🙂



* Separate your bunch of kale by pulling stalks apart

*Tear the leafy parts from each side of the stalk

* Rinse the leaves under cold water. Shake dry and pat completely dry with towel.

* Toss the leaves into your roasting pan. I line mine for easy clean up.

*Flatten the leaves as much as possible. The curly ones don’t cook as well.

*Sprinkle salt over them and then your tbsp of oil. It might not seem like much but it goes further then you think.

*Shake it so they separate and have their own little roasting spot on the try.

*Add to oven at 180 oC for ten minutes

* Give them a shake and put them back in for another two-five minutes.

*Serve in a bowl as soon as they’re ready.

*Give yourself a pat on the back and realise that you have been sworn into the revelation that is Kale chips.