Five minutes with Chris Cargo irish hockey

Five minutes with Chris Cargo irish hockey

This is a new spot on the blog where we have some fun and get an insight into the lives of some pretty special people.

First up is someone who is very special to our family and we consider him a good friend. Chris Cargo is originally from Bangor and is my husband’s former team mate and friend.

Chris is an Irish hockey international, with an Olympic dream who plays his club hockey in Belgium. We have been following his journey with “the Green machine” enthusiastically and our boys adore when he comes to visit (and plays sport with them!)

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Chris with Michael and our boys.

Favourite meal while training?

– Ohh, thats a difficult one but i would have to say that recently i have come round to a chicken, bacon, avocado salad with quinoa. Thats very different to what i used to eat but its really good!

Favourite cheat meal ?

– Big greasy bacon cheese burger and fries, thats difficult to beat but it doesn’t happen very often.

Greatest moment in your sport ?

– Winning a bronze medal at the 2015 European Hockey Championships. It was even nicer that we beat England to win it in London and also that we made history as the 1st Irish Senior team to ever win a medal at the Europeans. However, this could soon be equalled by qualifying for Rio 2016 Olympics and we will know this on 25th October.

One piece of advice for aspiring sports people ?

– Just give it a go. Give all sports a try until you find something that you really enjoy doing. Don’t be embarrassed by how good you are to begin with and also enjoy the social side of it. Sport is where i have met most of my friends and it will continue to be for the future.

Where do you go to switch off/relax?

– When I’m at home I like to play golf with my Dad and I enjoy just chilling out with my girlfriend by going out for dinner when i get to see her.

Have you got a nickname and if so how did you get it?

– I have had a few nicknames over the years. My favourite is ‘Les’, which was given to me by my old teacher at school (your father in-law). This was also edited to become ‘Fat Les’ by the lads in the team when i wasn’t in the same peak condition as i am now.

Training session you dislike the most but know is the most beneficial?

– Ill be honest when i say that i used to dislike the gym but recently i am enjoying it more and more and i even miss it when we have a few weeks off. I would probably have to give credit to our strength and conditioning coach Lisa Costley for this and its a lot more fun to do sessions in a group. But I also dislike her after i have completed our VO2 running sessions which are horrendous but definitely the most beneficial. They sound ok on paper but you can normally find me crawling on the pitch and struggling to breathe after i have completed one. An example season would be 15s on, 15s rest for 12 with a 3 minute break between 2 sets. You are hoping to cover around 90m or the length of a hockey pitch every 15s and maintain this for each rep, which is the tough part.

Where to next?

Well next for me is to return to Belgium to start my club season over there with my club Royal Racing Club de Bruxelles. Then wait until 25th October to determine if we have qualified for Rio Olympics and then hopefully start preparing and training for that.IMG_1247