Expert of the month – Mike McComish

Expert of the month – Mike McComish

I played hockey (briefly) in School with Mike’s sister Kerry but I had never met Mike until his wife Rebecca and I got chatting at the School gates and over on Instagram.

Many of you will recognise him from his days as a professional rugby player. He has a wealth of knowledge because of his background in fitness and I trust him when he gives advice on nutrition and workouts.

As I say so much on the blog, I enjoy meeting professionals in the field of sport and wellbeing because they have an insight into a world I only know a glimpse of. I love to learn and you can learn a great deal about moving forward in your own fitness journey after reading what Mike has to say.  

o Name Mike McComish
o Age 34
o Occupation Personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach
o Location Belfast

• In a few lines tell us a bit about yourself, work, family, lifestyle etc.

Mike McComish. Recently retired from professional rugby now I have my own business Mike McComish Fitness offering PT, strength & conditioning & sports specific coaching, nutritional advisor & circuit classes at Campbell College Belfast. Wife Rebecca, Ruby 3 and Oliver 1. I love fishing, the north coast, family & travel.

You are working as a personal trainer and run your own circuits class. Can you tell us a bit about your sporting / fitness/ wellbeing background?

14 years as a professional athlete not only taught me how to achieve and maintain peak fitness but it also instilled in me a passion for health. I strongly believe in the necessity of maintaining an active lifestyle, which in itself can only be truly delivered through a balance of fitness, diet and nutrition.

Throughout my professional sporting career I grasped the opportunity to study & also learn from internationally recognised and qualified trainers and experts in the areas of fitness and nutrition .

• What do you enjoy most about what you do now?

What I enjoy the most about what I do is with having the above background it enables me to;
•enjoy my passion for training/strength & conditioning & be in that environment
•Allows me to pass on my training/experiences/motivate & empower individuals of all ages male & female to continually challenge themselves in a fun, positive and rewarding way.
•enhancing the well being of my clients
•enjoy working with juveniles from many sporting fields golf/rugby/football/cricket/tennis

How important is nutrition to you?

I believe nutrition is extremely important.
Fuelling ourselves with a balanced diet is a must to provide our bodies with protein, essential fats, carbohydrate,vitamins and minerals to give energy to function properly. a great variety of different foods is important to provide the right amounts of nutrients for good health/well being

• What is your favourite activity to do outside of sport/fitness?

Fishing & spending time in Portbraddon with my family.

• How do you stay on track with your fitness goals? (diet, training with someone etc)

I stay on track

•Periodising & tracking my training programs into 4-6week blocks thus giving me clear goals for this period
•changing & tweeking every block to give a new stimulus thus keeping my training fresh & enjoyable

I stay on track diet wise by doing a weekly meal plan.
My daily calorie count varies dependant on whether it’s a rest day or low/medium or high volume training wise

Doing a weekly shop & prepping meals allows me to stay on track & have all my food sources at hand.
Also supplementing my diet with supplements around training gives me the ability to fuel/perform & recover from my training

•I use the winter period to try & achieve some mass & strength goals so in this period my diet is geared towards this with a calorie maintainence to a small calorie surplus which allows me to achieve these goals
•for aesthetic purposes summer/holidays I gear my diet to be in a calorie deficit to improve my body composition/fat loss

• Where was the last place you holidayed?

Florida & New York

• Do you have any advice for your younger self?

Work hard, Listen to everyone.
Ups & downs happen so ride with them good or bad. What is for you won’t pass you by.

• If you had to choose one cheat meal what would it be?

Ribeye, tobacco onions, Malbec

• Where can people find you?

With my family, Portbraddon, fishing, having a Guinness in the harbour bar! Online you can find me on my Facebook page, my instagram and my new circuits class runs every Monday and Thursday night 6:30pm at Campbell college Belfast. See full details on my social media.


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