Expert of the month -Hayley Peoples

Expert of the month -Hayley Peoples

It’s been a while since we had an expert of the month feature on the blog so it is great to be back with smiley and motivatiional personal trainer Hayley People.

I first met Hayley when she worked with one of my best friends Holly (who I have mentioned on the blog before ) in a clothing store in Belfast.

As far as I could see Hayley was always in great shape. It has been refreshing and insightful to read her story about becoming a personal trainer and changing her lifestyle. She works with clients on the PT front and also teaches reformer pilates which I have yet to go to but know I will LOVE!

Anyone Belfast based fancy doing it drop me an e mail and we can book in together.


Hayley when did you become a personal trainer and what inspired you?

From a young age I have always had a real love for fitness, it has been something I have turned to for therapy, for fun and for distraction.
About two years ago, as usual I was loving my gym workouts and all the classes I was doing and someone said to me “have you never thought of becoming a personal trainer, you’d be fab at it”.
I hadn’t. I never thought in a million years that I could be a personal trainer.

What made you think that you and personal training wouldn’t make a good fit?

Confidence was my downfall, I couldn’t believe that people would want to listen to what I had to say.
I did a bit of research and thought to myself, sure what’s the harm in doing a part time fitness instructor course just for my own knowledge? Then I couldn’t stop!
Now two years later with lots of support from my amazing husband and family I have studied my way through about five courses.
Good on you for making it through so many courses! Do you have a philosophy you would want to share with my readers?
I have seen how fitness and exercise can change the quality of peoples lives. So many people complain of stress and anxiety , insomnia or back pain, and spend hours in front of the TV or on social media searching for a quick fix. With ‘no time’ to exercise symptoms get progressively worse.

It is so easy to feel isolated, lost and unhinged. Taking that step to do something about it is hard, but building an exercise routine into your weekly schedule, making it a part of your life, can do surprising things for mental health, stress and energy levels.



What is your long term goal with personal training, we know you also teach reformer pilates?

My dream is to help people share the love that I have for fitness. To see that exercise doesn’t have to consume your life, it can be part of your normal lifestyle and it can help you be better at just being you.

I believe we can make exercise work for us, lose the negative attitude that exercise is a chore and incorporate it into our lives, have fun with it, do it with friends.

Exercise is for everyone, The way I see it is that we have one body and we need to look after it, so it can work well for us.
As a personal trainer I have tried to take the stress out of going to the gym, by bringing the gym to you, and guiding you though your session in the comfort of your own home. Helping clients to learn correct form and technique that they can use in their own at home workouts. I’m a big fan of resistance bands and use them a lot in my sessions, they are such a great way for everyone to have access to exercise and you can bring them anywhere. I also take quite a lot of inspiration from Pilates principles, building a strong core can help us in everything we do.

Such wise words!
I am a normal person, who happened to realise that working out could be fun, we can do it anytime, anywhere and the benefits we can reap are vast.
Lets rethink exercise, lets use it as the amazing tool that it can be. Let it make us more able to live our lives, stronger to reach our goals and healthier to give our children the best of us.


Thank you for your inspirational attitude, it’s so refreshing!

Where can the readers find you?
I’m on Instagram as @Realfityou, posting about my own life, my own fitness and workout ideas and motivation for everyone.
I’ll be kicking off the year with Paul Cooney Fitness on the Saintfield Road. I’m really excited about this new venture, as this is my kinda place, no mirrors, no treadmills, just a really friendly group training environment.
I also teach at Reform Studios, if you’ve never tried reformer Pilates, it is well worth checking out at


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