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Firstly, each month I have a FREE art print for you to download and to print out. Such a fun way to have my art stuck to your fridge or to make into your own greeting card. Find your first one here!

If you are wishing to learn art skills, to know your self worth or simply to know how to grow a business, I have many ways to help you.

My podcast is for creatives learning to grow their business in a noisy world and you can find it here. Subscribe so that you can keep up to date with my episodes.

The youtube channel has over twenty videos to help you learn art skills. I have a fuller art course coming soon for you to buy and to keep forever.


Aly's top exercise tips


My ebooks¬†include faith, family, fitness and food! All the ‘f’s’ and there are totally free. Download now.

The blog linked to my site is another extension of my creativity and I wish  to travel through your everyday with you as we tackle emotional journeys around grief and motherhood, general wellbeing (I have experts on there regularly sharing their wisdom) and travel. It is open anytime and you can go there right now by clicking here.


My fortnightly video and guest post for popular Northern Irish blog Belfast times can help you with your fitness and wellbeing.




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