Cranberry, almond and pecan loaf (Baked by Jayne)

Cranberry, almond and pecan loaf (Baked by Jayne)

My friend Jayne and I go back a long time.

Before Jayne became a home economics teacher and before I worked as an artist, we waitressed in the restaurant of a golf club together.

We spent most of the long weekend shifts inhaling deep fried chunky chips and peppered sauce on our lunch breaks with some dime bar gateau to finish.  Washed down with a diet coke or three.

Food didn’t rate quite as high in our lives then as it does now, at least not food of the wholesome nourishing variety.

Saying that, what’s bad about peppered sauce!?

Now however, there is rarely a week that goes by when Jayne and I don’t share recipes with each other over what’s app, or send links to new sites and inspiring cookbooks.

Jayne and I also train in the gym together, you can see a snippet of that here and, she was the first person to introduce me and my husband to Ian young fitness circuits class. I have Ian booked in for the “Expert of the month” blog feature here this month.

We still go to the circuit sessions on a Monday together and it seems like every other week I am asking Jayne to make me her “Jayne bread”, as I like to call it. The best way to describe it is, a cranberry, pecan, almond flavour explosion with each bite.

I appreciate that if I wanted I could attempt to make such a delight myself, but (contrary to popular belief!) I can’t do everything, and I would rather it made to perfection the way Jayne does. She just makes it so perfectly moist.

Because “Jayne’s bread” isn’t like a 79p loaf of white bread you buy down the local shop and fire in the cupboards, I slice it and freeze it to use as a snack toasted with Keen nut cashew butter. This way it lasts for longer and feels special. You see how much higher food is rated in my world now than when I was eighteen? I even consider some foods to be “special”.

Another reason this paleo recipe is special is because it is gluten free.

For those of you who have never met Jayne before, head over to see her and her other speciality which is shortbread. Her volumes of returning custom for weddings, valentines day and especially teacher’s gifts says it all.

I for one cannot recommend her shortbread enough.

Go see her Facebook page and place your orders at

*A bit like the wheatgrass giveaway, I wanted to share this little post without Jayne even being a part of it. I just adore this bread and think it worth the share. This is not a sponsored post*