Can I commission Aly to make a piece for me?

Yes. This is something Aly loves to do, especially if it is a scene, object or place important to you.

Can I buy originals of Aly’s work?

Yes you can. Right now we are working with interior designers for a photoshoot using the originals in April. If your chosen piece from the print store is available to buy then simply enquire through the form below and we will let you know ASAP. Otherwise you can have a look in the Original art section of the shop.

Is it possible to personalise my prints?

Definitely! There is a way of doing so under each product where it says “Make it a gift” and you can tell us at the checkout if you would prefer that message on the print itself instead of in a little note inside the package. Personalising prints makes it even more special for customers!

How can I contact Aly?

You can complete the contact form below, or alternatively email Aly at or call 07885 981287 during normal business hours.