Coffee scrub – recipe, benefits + make up.

Coffee scrub – recipe, benefits + make up.

You would be forgiven for thinking I have gone all beauty based on here. This post is more a response to the many e mails and private messages asking about my skin routine.

To be honest these enquiries baffle me as I don’t view my skin as anything special and I am pretty basic when it comes to make up or, in fact, cleanliness!!

I discussed my love for the vegan skin care range Arbonne here and I don’t hold back in supporting my amazing friend Emma’s brand everydayoil which is  staple in my day. I have just never been someone to overload my bathroom with products.

I also just introduced myself to the genius that is hiring a make up artist to paint my face for weddings or award dinners. Guys it CHANGED MY LIFE!! This gives you an idea of how backward I am when it comes to the beauty world. I am keen to learn though.

I felt like a goddess the last few times I had my make up done by a make up artist.

Below shows Jenna Somerville‘s skills and I wanted to sleep in it.


Tippy Logronio for my shoot at Pineapple studio in April.


and Samantha King made me feel so special for the opening of my exhibition in June. Prints still available of the Seascape paintings here.



All of the girls above gave me fab tips for moving forward with make up and for the first time since I was twenty one I bought foundation as opposed to tinted moisturiser- I am such a philistine! The foundation was another game changer for those special nights out when I fancy some coverage as opposed to just a lash of mascara.

I bought Dior Forever skin and then Chanel cream bronzer under the direction of my friend and (actual) beauty blogger Gemma That Belfast girl.

Perhaps I have been lucky with my skin in that I did no have acne through puberty. I did have problems with grease on my forehead in my teens and experienced acne all over my face when I was in my third pregnancy. This was the one time I thought for a second I might have a girl (I have three boys) because there is a myth/idea that the acne comes from the baby girl interfering with your already interfered hormonal balance…

Back to the point of this post. I used a coffee granules based scrub on my body a few years ago when a friend brought back the most amazing coffee scrub from Australia.

Then another friend sent me more of it from the States. It is called Frank body and you can find it online here and in some beauty stores.

This DIY version of mine doesn’t quite cut it in the chocolate flavour way that the brand above does. But if you are like me and you hate waste (I have a resourceful blogpost here and also read about my sustainable business here) then give this a try.

We have a lovely coffee machine at home but when I run out of pods (darn pods. one minute you have four thousand, next minute you’re cutting your coffee intake just to make them last the week).  I am all over the granule coffee in my cafetiere, like, three times a day. That is a whole lot of granules.

First off, my family thought I was mad when they found a bowl of granules in the shower room during a recent trip to Donegal. So, I appreciate that this mess is not for everyone. Your shower needs extra rinsing, you may find little coffee mini beads behind your earlobes two days after the scrub.

Nonetheless, I love it, feel good for using it and here are some benefits.

  • The granules cause automatic smoothing without abrasion to the skin
  • The granules naturally exfoliate. Tackles the cellulite on my butt. The thing about cellulite is that it is like stagnant water (gross, I know) that needs moving. One has to activate it normally by using circular motions and movement. The granules do that half by themselves in their coarseness and then if you add a teaspoon of salt or sugar using your hands in scrubbing circular motion you are starting the process of blood flow revival. At least in my head I am whittling away that grubby cellulite under my butt cheek with every coffee granule circle I make.
  • There is a natural moisturiser in the granules when you add a little olive or coconut oil.
  • I think they have a slight tint/glow because of the coffee. It makes sense when you think of a coffee stain on your white t shirt. This in itself is a winner in my book- the natural tint on my post scrub skin. The tan addict in me is delighted.
  • The smell of coffee is also used in some aromatherapy treatments. Apparently, the smell of coffee can clear a person’s thoughts (maybe that’s more to do with the fact that when we smell it, we want it!).
  • Can help premature ageing because of the caffeine being an antioxidant. The skin absorbs that antioxidant and is it any wonder the world is obsessed with the stimulant that is coffee- why not give your skin a little stimulation.

If you have hyper sensitive skin or any allergies then I can’t say that this scrub is for you. I don’t know particulars of allergies and neither do I have a degree in coffee plantations or origins so my advice is, based on your own knowledge of yourself and your skin, use at your own risk.

Maybe try on your body before your face if you know you have sensitivity or you believe that you and your gorgeous face can only have certain products on there for fear of a break out. Use common sense. My husband has the most dry and sensitive skin and the scrub actually evened it out and helps give him a sweet little glow.


  • Coffee granules- I use my used granules because really, why would I waste un used coffee granules on my face instead of my breakfast! ?
  • Sugar or salt (1 tbsp to the bowl of granules)
  • Olive oil or coconut oil (1tbsp to the bowl of granules)


I make sure the granules are wet with some moisture (not too much or they all splay out of your hands and the bulk is lost which makes for less scrubbing action) and simply apply to the part of the body you want to scrub.


Shower off so well and hose down the shower or sink after use.


Don’t leave the used wet granules for more than 48 hours as they can become mouldy which defeats the purpose of us helping to anti age our faces and bodies with this scrub!





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