Cocomojo, tropical and delicious. GIVEAWAY.

Cocomojo, tropical and delicious. GIVEAWAY.

My first introduction to coconut water was when I visited my friend Emma in NYC six years ago.

Emma is always ahead of the game with wellbeing stuff and I believed her that coconut water was a starter.

I didn’t however try it for myself until about two years ago. Then I got hooked.

It crept into my smoothies and proved useful for my early morning boxing rehydration.

I then tried CocoMojo drinks while stocking up my omega three supply at the health food store about six months ago.

It was like holiday in a funky round cardboard can.

I sipped it and despite it being a little bit more pricey than a tin can of fizzy pop I felt good for drinking it.

Since taking more of an interest in getting lean and focusing on decreasing my sugar intake, I have cut out all fizzy drinks.

Diet coke even seems like a sugar high on the rare occassion that I have it.

So besides coffee (which my friend talks about over here, I just couldnt give up that part of my day) tea, wine and herbal tea I wasn’t well versed on alternatives.

That is until CocoMojo came along.

The name is so catchy and easy to say, I found my son saying it when we cycled past the same health store where I purchased it.

There are three different flavours- CocoSoul (coconut milk with botanical herbs and spices)this one is my husband’s favourite and CocoPassion (Coconut water with botanical herbs and passion fruit).

Then the most recent drink which is pictured below, Coco Pure.

dave cavan_-2


It is hands down the sweetest and tastiest coconut water drink I know. I am reminded of honeymoon in Hawaii, sunshine on my skin and days of doing nothing as I sip this with my ray bans on doing print deliveries in the car. I love it.

As my morning cuppa post and my general theme of placing importance on the everyday suggests, I like to place associations alongside objects and places.

Drinks are no different.

I associate drinking red wine with Sunday night, large americanos with long mornings sat at the desk blogging, or catching up with the girls.

Mojo means “magic power, special” and so I not only associate my cocomojo intake with being a treat in my day. I also feel like it is putting something magical into my body.

I don’t say this lightly.

It’s a treat that has SO many health benefits packed into an environmentally friendly cardboard can. CocoMojo list some specific health benefits for you here.

How can something that tastes like passionfruit or sweet coconut milk NOT have magic powers!?

I had an event to launch this blog and my new art prints two weeks ago. I literally buzzed off that event all weekend.

It felt so good to be around people who shared so many of the same interests as me!

Cocomojo kindly supplied us with drinks for the night and I loved sharing the magic with my followers, family, friends and colleagues.

Darling Edna-50

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