My Mum’s chicken soup recipe. Packed with goodness.

My Mum’s chicken soup recipe. Packed with goodness.

A few people who are not on my wellbeing instagram have requested to see my chicken broth recipe here.

I can’t sit down to a bowl of my own chicken broth without thinking of how fussy I was about the broth my Mum made in my youth. It was basically the same one that I now love.

When it was set before me I either refused it or moaned so much that she blended it for me so I couldn’t taste “the lumps”. She BLENDED it! I was fifteen years old at this stage. What a brat.

It was safe to say I struggled with vegetables.

Poor pet. Deep fried potatoes in a foil bag with ‘Tayto salt’n’vinegar’ slashed across it, or a brown paper bag with excessive amounts of salt and ketchup was as as far as my vegetable intake went.

Then things changed. After School aged eighteen I worked at Camp Treetops in the Adirondacks (it is still such a huge part of my life, my love and my heart) where, at mealtimes we had to show kids how we ate ALL the vegetables and enjoyed good wholesome food (most of which were grown on site at camp). Set a good example for the kids, they said. So I powered on through gagging when tomatoes or chickpeas touched my lips.

However something (thankfully) changed and my world of eating better and getting the goodness in started it’s long and explorative journey from that Summer. Don’t get me wrong, my student days that followed still involved many a bag of frozen chicken nuggets and white pasta. But my palette changed.

Which brings me nicely to my recipe for homemade chicken soup, mostly copying my Mother’s recipe. The same one that I had her blend for me seventeen years ago.

Packed with goodness for the body ,especially one suffering from the sniffles or a low immune system. And there is no need to blend it, enjoy the textures and heat and earthy quality of this simple recipe.

I have been reading recently about the use of bone broth in our diet. It is not a new thing, for hundreds of years mankind has based recipes on bone broths.

The fact that the body absorbs the benefits of bone broth so easily and can use them to build our bodies up and even improve our own bone health is sweet music to my ears.

Without further ado


2breasts chicken or 6 small legs
1/2 cup dry soup mixture (I use Buchanans)
3 pints water
2 packets of chopped ready made soup veg. You can get this at fruit and veg stores. (Basically it is approx 500g selection of soup celery, leeks, parsley and carrots if you can source separately)
Add a chicken stock cube or I use my homemade stock.


Boil dry soup mix and chicken until chicken tender (use stock here)approx 30mins – 1 hour
Remove chicken and chop/strip from chicken bones
Add soup veg and boil for 20-30mins
Return chopped chicken, season to taste and serve with a sprinkle of chopped parsley if you’re feeling fancy.