Hello July! How is your Summer kicking off? We had the most glorious two weeks in Donegal. I ate, drank, worked out (a little!) and spent days on end with my three boys and husband. No flight to rush for or bags to pack suited to airport scales. A simple trip where you bung everything (including the dog!) into the boot of the car and off you go. Half of the beach at Narin came home in our car but we all left happy and refreshed. Find my print of Narin beach here on my online shop. Also the print of the two boys in the header can be found here. Now that I am back to work and the baby is back in day care I have the two big boys around my feet and had to get creative about where to put their bounding energy for a few days. I imagine some of you were prepared and booked ahead of time but sadly I am the mother who runs ragged on a Monday morning five minutes before the School bell scrapping money from the back of the sofa for dinner money. So there was no way I was going to be organised enough to get Summer activities in place before mid July!!
If you've been around my blog for more than 48 hours you will know that I love NYC (I even have art prints here and here you can buy of NYC). I talk about it a whole lot- sorry. It so happens that I have around 30 great friends who live there so my connection to the city itself is not based on tourism but more on community and a love for some of it's people. As a result of visiting there two or three times each year I get asked quite a bit about places to visit. I am not always sure how to respond as we do many of the same routes and eating when we visit various parts of the city- mainly downtown Brooklyn, Williamsburg, Soho and Midtown. Often I visit NYC and spend so little money or I don't even darken the door of a clothes store. This is mainly because I really just love the vibe of the city and to see our crew of friends, all of whom I met because of Camp Treetops. This was a camp I worked at when I was 18 and re visited to work at last Summer with my boys (read here). So maybe don't view my rough guide as your first and foremost but all of the places I recommend here I have tried and loved and can make your visit so so fun!


Time moves and changes and swirls us about the place. It creeps up and passes slowly, but it is always moving.

Camp reminded me of all of the above

Before I came to camp I had so many plans.

I planned to write a blogpost about our trip at least once a week, check in with my wonderful e mail community at every two weeks, make at least three mugs in the pot shop at camp, draw in my spare time, and climb all the 46ers the glorious Adirondacks have to offer. But go figure, I haven't done any of it or at least I haven't yet and time is running by fast. I have been in the States for almost seven weeks and my boys for just under six.

What a whirlwind blast we have had!