Life is a bit like the title of this blogpost- it's about the palette more than the paint. In other words, how paint is mixed, blended,  squeezed out side by side to another colour, is more exciting and/ or damaging than the paint itself.

Not babies not yet grown. I wished them to school, now I wait on their return. Breast pads, velcro and routine replaced by Crisp packets, consoles and trampoline.  The beats of three hearts outside of me.  Hearts started in my uterus. Excluding baby M. 14 weeks, heart stopped, hospital bed, taxi home. Her...

I read in last months Women's Health Magazine, in noted that we should be more open and honest in life. Apparently, this helps us to move forward with our lives and to prevent getting “stuck” in toxic friendships and relationships. When I read it I was drawn to the bullet points they had at the end of the article. One read “Tackle grief …”. It progressed to say how we are held back by unprocessed emotions, grief being one of them. As someone who “lost” (he didn’t fall of a pier but “lost” seems to be the terminology used often to describe death) my father a week before my eighth birthday, I can put my hand on my similarly defected heart (Dad died due to heart problems) and agree that the notion of dealing with grief stood out to me because it rang so true to me.
The new year can create a shocker for people, for any of us in fact who want to strive for better but feel bombarded by so.much.information. As you will see on my social media channels and if you were to meet me in person  you will quickly learn that I am an advocate for self-care. This means that I am not going to tell you that you need to change. Of course you are perfectly entitled to change physical parts of your body if you so desire this year (I have recently entered the world of lash extensions - WoW. Obsessed.).   If altering something or working towards losing weight or gaining muscle makes you stand a little taller or breathe a little deeper then I am all in. I want you to be YOU! Prioritise getting to know yourself over everything else and the rest will follow.

As I sit beside my freshly showered husband of ten years

he watches Olympic hockey and I secretly start the typing for this post.

My aim is not public kisses and hugs for my husband

If you're like us and trying to go meat free a few days a week then this simple vegetarian Mexican dish will serve you well.

Furthermore it is made in what feels like minutes. So you fire on the sauce, throw ingredients into the bowl, wrap the burritos and put in the oven while you sort the kids or get your shower after work. Appealing, yes? Feel free to adapt the spice of the sauce and cut out the onion if you don't have the time to saute it for a bit.

We often eat this on it's own without any side salad,

simply smoothering it with a generous spoonful of Clandeboye greek yoghurt *Side note - Next month we have a HAMPER giveaway of Clandeboye goodies* So allow it to become a family friendly meal and as straight forward as you like.

Last year I did a little detox for my body.

After fourteen courses of antibiotics my friend Emma suggested I do the candida diet for two weeks. It is a diet where you eliminate sugar in an attempt to neutralise your immune system after the big fight with the antibodies and gunk from all the (much needed, to be fair) drugs to cure my illness. I talk more about last year's sickness here. Basically antibiotics increase the yeast in your body and sugar multiplies yeast growth i.e: lots of yeast is bad.

While on the candida diet I really got to know what cutting sugar out of a diet was like.

Why did you make this when you already have a blog?

That's a good question. This site is just an extension of my website. I liked the blog on alyharte.com (*you can go right back to the website anytime you want by clicking on the tab in the header "back to alyharte.com"*)but here I can be even more creative with my photography and my writing and show you an insight into my "everyday" with wellbeing tips and food recipes. Also it's just prettier to look at than seeing a plain text blog. As a creative person, I love the visual.

What can I expect to see here?

The blog is broken down into three main areas:

Kale chips

Kale is a funny old one. I show it a great deal of love when it comes to smoothies, or these "chips". But I am not a huge fan of the sauteed side dish variety.