Cacao protein ball recipe

Cacao protein ball recipe

First off I am sorry about the dreadful photo above. I pride myself on decent enough food photography but I FORGOT to snap a pic of these beauties with my real camera. I phone shot it is. Forgive me.

Making recipes from scratch is an odd thing.

In one sense (in my head) I let myself casually toss some flour in the air while tying my apron with one hand pretending I am Mary Berry in The great british bake off- “Look at me and my master piece that I made and weighed and constructed all by myself”.

Then on the other hand (in reality) I take a moment to think about the fact that the recipes I am good at making aren’t even recipes, they don’t even need BAKING! Essentially they are a ball of crumbs rolled in fairy dust, nothing too complicated.

Regardless of my ego around this topic, it is safe to say that for now I will stick with creating these formulas for NON BAKED goods. They’re not rocket science but they sure make for a fun taste sensation.

I am just so thrilled that the bounty ball recipe was such a success and keeps popping up on my instgram feed from time to time, thanks guys!

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This ball of delight has one issue. The manuka honey made the cacao damp after twenty four hours. Use maple syrup instead, or just suck it up and enjoy them even if they have a little honey soaked cacao on the exterior.

Cacao protein balls

1 cup rolled oats milled then added to a bowl.
10 squares Cobden and brown dark chocolate (I used 80%).
1/2 cup of sunflower seeds
1 cup cashew nuts

Mill that! Add to your bowl of milled rolled oats.
2.5 tbsp Manuka honey (or maple syrup or regular honey) to combine ingredients together.

Take your time over this as they can really be too sweet if you over do the honey. It will come together the more you mix.
Form mixture into balls and roll them in cacao powder to finish.

ENJOY with your morning coffee!