More info on Aly.

More info on Aly.

Why did you make this when you already have a blog?

That’s a good question. This site is just an extension of my website. I liked the blog on (*you can go right back to the website anytime you want by clicking on the tab in the header “back to”*)but here I can be even more creative with my photography and my writing and show you an insight into my “everyday” with wellbeing tips and food recipes. Also it’s just prettier to look at than seeing a plain text blog. As a creative person, I love the visual.

What can I expect to see here?

The blog is broken down into three main areas:

Wellbeing – fitness tips, nutritional insights and my own journey on physical and mental wellness. See @alywellbeing Instagram for more of this.

Food – like it’s says on the tin. It will be food based, mainly recipes that I use regularly. My recipes are often pretty simple, sometimes family friendly and more than not they will be suitable for food budgeting.

Words – This is really just my life ramblings. I am not a literary expert but I love to write and this is a space for me to discuss fun or sometimes more serious topics using my own voice. I guess you will get to know me and my “voice” better through these posts, so stick with me!!

Where did Edna come from? Your name is Aly.

I explain more of this on my about me page.
My grandmother is called Edna and I wanted this to be a reflection of her and also a journey of my own. It’s like I’m writing to her by adding the ‘Darling ‘ on there.

How often will I expect to see posts?

In an ideal world I would love to post everyday but that is unlikely to happen as my artwork and family life keep me occupied when I’m not over here.
If you subscribe here you should be kept well informed and on top of the content I post.

What makes you such an expert?

You see that’s the thing, I’m not an expert. I have found in the last few years that I am a sharer. Like I love to share helpful information. Life isn’t as fun when we keep all the good stuff to ourselves.
I’m on a journey like everyone else and I’m happy to document my findings as I go along.

Do you only eat “clean” food then?

Goodness no! I love my pizzas and Indian takeaway and sour patch kids as much as the next person. In fact, I am partial to a few glasses of Malbec (a few times a week) if I can get away with it. Everything in moderation. Life is to be enjoyed. I hope that comes across to my readers.

Where do you see this going?

Right now I am enjoying the fun and freedom of the idea behind my blog. I would happily become an established blogger who is known for good photography, sound recipes, fun storytelling and insightful wellbeing tips.

Why the interest in health?

This time last year I wasn’t at the top of my ‘life balance’ game and I became very ill with a lung infection (pneumonia). This set me back for months. It took a good six months to feel like myself after fourteen courses of antibiotics. Amidst this they discovered a heart defect that I never knew I had. My Father died of a heart problem so alarm bells prematurely rang for me and my family. People rallied around and helped to do my kids school runs and keep my art business ticking over for me.

The heart problem thankfully turned out to be minor and easily monitored. My immune system however was a shambles. Ironically I was still posting on my @alywellbeing instagram before, during and after my recovery . The instagram account had originated as a fitness venture. Gradually it evolved as I put into practice the food and internal health knowledge I knew to be right and I started to build my body up again, slowly. All the while learning from my followers, my insightful friends and a handful of professionals I am fortunate to know.

I began to listen to my body more (I still get tired quite often from life in general before I even factor in exercise) and switched up my diet a little so I now put more good strong foods in, and reap the benefits. Having felt so sluggish and spending weeks at a time in my bed, I now love that I can feel strong and able and excited about life again. It’s there to be embraced after all!

What do you want to portray here?

I am not perfect and neither is everything I put on this blog. Hopefully my readers can look at it like a dodgy lecture or drama performance; take one or two of the best bits from it that are most suited to you, and leave the rest!