Bounty balls recipe.

Bounty balls recipe.

Last year I did a little detox for my body.

After fourteen courses of antibiotics my friend Emma suggested I do the candida diet for two weeks.

It is a diet where you eliminate sugar in an attempt to neutralise your immune system after the big fight with the antibodies and gunk from all the (much needed, to be fair) drugs to cure my illness. I talk more about last year’s sickness here. Basically antibiotics increase the yeast in your body and sugar multiplies yeast growth i.e: lots of yeast is bad.

While on the candida diet I really got to know what cutting sugar out of a diet was like.

Not in the sense that I switched white cane sugar with honey and brown sugar cubes for chemically filled coffee sweeteners. I mean this was the real deal. My sweet treats were found in raspberries and blueberries. From it I learned how much I (we) rely on sugar for the afternoon hits and to combat the morning lows. If you look at what you eat from the beginning until the end of a day chemical sweeteners and hidden sugars are rife in our foods. But I am not here to preach about abstaining from white bread and eating only salad leaves.

Some vegetables were forbidden on the diet and nuts too, like cashews because they had fungi. So when I ate out at a restaurant I had to be selective in my meal choices. It is wonderful how accommodating restaurants are, I think we often forget that.

Anyway, when I was high on life during day six or seven of the candida diet (post coffee withdrawal headaches) I declared that one doesn’t need a sweet protein treat in their life. It is best to go without said she on her no sugar throne with fake sugar cane crown. I preached like I was the goddess of no sugar. Sadly I am not the goddess of no sugar as my biggest weakness is sweets. When I get stuck into a giant bag of fruit gums or sour patch kids I will inhale the lot with a huge smile on my face.

Therefore the reality being that I don’t really believe we should do without sweet treats because a little sweetness is alright.

Especially if they are made with all natural ingredients and accompany a warm drink so perfectly. It was about three days after the candida diet finished that this realisation hit home again. And that’s ok because life is to be enjoyed after all.

Which leads me nicely to my homemade protein balls.

I think they are like little bounty bars so if you hate coconut, you’re best to save yourself for my cacao protein ball recipe in the future.

*1 cup rolled oats
*2/3 cup raw cashews
*1/3 cup coconut oil
*4 dates chopped
*1tsp maple syrup
*3 tbs desiccated coconut

In processor combine rolled oats and cashews until finely chopped.

Add in rest of ingredients and whizz.

Using wet hands form into balls!


Makes approximately 10