Bodyweight HIIT Workout. Ian Young Fitness.

Bodyweight HIIT Workout. Ian Young Fitness.

I hope you have enjoyed the introduction to this new Expert series on the blog.

It is going to be a monthly feature and I have a range of dancers, cyclists, boxers and many other fitness gurus lined up for the future to educate us and to share their skills. I am SO excited to have the privilege to learn from these guys.

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This bodyweight workout that Ian designed is one to inspire anyone, anywhere, anytime.

He designed it to use as many muscle groups in these compound exercises as we can in one session, thus using more energy and burning more calories.

The fitter you get the more repetitions you will get in that time period of 40 seconds  with each drill.

So after week two begin to extend the work time even by five seconds as a tester.

It is a simple body weight HIIT drill that you can start to add different exercises on to and/or use resistance bands, kettle bells, dumbbells.

The beauty of these exercises is that they can be performed in the front room, kitchen, bedroom, garage or back garden.

They are suitable for everyone because everyone can work within their own pace.

The good thing about doing these exercises at home is that you can work within your own limits and at your own pace. You can even do them watching Corrie or masterchef!!

Thank you for your time and wisdom Ian Young.

Two exercises

20 seconds each exercise at high intensity
10 -15 second rest

5 sets of each

Stair climbers and elevated push ups

Shoulder taps
Squat thrusts

Back lunges
Power squats

Spider lunge
Flat Press and tuck

Cat stance
Superman (hand to knee touch) (both sides

Skater squats