Blueberry + pistachio rice dish | RECIPE

Blueberry + pistachio rice dish | RECIPE

I often say to my husband how

“anything goes” nowadays when it comes to food.

With vegan and plant based appreciation, vegetarian acceptance and the accessibility of all fruits and veg in this day and age, we are spoilt and

it is totally ok to add flowers to pizzas or our porridge.

As an artist this is great and allows me to explore food , flavours and colour to the max.

Combine that enthusiasm with my in built desire to always be resourceful with food and our finances and you get some interesting dishes when the fridge is looking bare!

However this combination of ingredients which doesn’t exactly photograph well (see above) is actually delicious.

Warm blueberries, salty pistachios and  nutty grains makes for a gritty enjoyable side dish with a salad or some eggs.


  • Large handful blueberries
  • 1 packet of ready cooked rice, grain or legume of choice (I used one like this which has quinoa in it too)
  • Handful of shelled and roasted pistachio
  • Tbsp coconut oil ( I use vitacoco– so soft, smooth and raw)


  1. Heat frying pan + add the oil
  2. Add blueberries, rice + pistachios to the pan
  3. Keep heat at medium + stir around the pan continuously to coat all ingredients + warm through
  4. Serve warm or indeed enjoy later cold.

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