Hello and welcome to my blog.

Here is a place where you can find recipes, information on physical wellbeing, travel and home ideas as well as life ramblings.


I use art in all it’s mediums to express my love for the “everyday”. Coffee cups, familiar landmarks, colour associations. All of these, I believe contribute to what is known as our “everyday”. Not only do I love drawing them, I think they are worth placing importance on.


This blog is an extension of my creativity.


I convey a realistic (the good, the bad, the funny, the sad) view into the life of a family woman, a home maker and a business woman on a journey of physical and mental wellness.


Have fun navigating the site and don’t hesitate to send me a note if you want to know more.

Why did you make this when you already have a blog?

That's a good question. This site is just an extension of my website. I liked the blog on (*you can go right back to the website anytime you want by clicking on the tab in the header "back to"*)but here I can be even more creative with my photography and my writing and show you an insight into my "everyday" with wellbeing tips and food recipes. Also it's just prettier to look at than seeing a plain text blog. As a creative person, I love the visual.

What can I expect to see here?

The blog is broken down into three main areas:

As I sit on the sofa with my laptop I am thinking about our Thursday afternoon activity.

Thursday is my day off. Every Thursday the boys go to swimming lessons. We had a lovely pattern for a while where I swam in the lane across the pool from them while they were in their various classes. I’d bring snacks for when lessons finished, allowed them to watch those dreadful portable DVD players for the car journey home to keep them awake, while I sipped on an Americano from a takeaway cup.

This year I am all about following my heart.

  My heart wants me to throw some (hopefully encouraging) advice about motherhood to you. So here it is. I have two boys. One is three and the other turns six today so it seems rather fitting that I chose this day, the same day that six years previously changed my life for-ever. Right about now I was in the hospital feeling like I had collided with the stork on it’s way in when delivering the baby using a metal forklift. Then I sat staring at the fattest baby with the tiniest eyes that I ever did see. It was emotional.