Best Of Belfast: A Podcast Celebrating Northern Ireland


Listening to podcasts is a sacred space in my calendars. They’re a way to unwind after a hard days work, learn something while doing the dishes, add value to my commute and provide the opportunity to pull up a chair and listen in on really interesting conversation. Raw, honest conversations can change lives. They have the ability to empower us to take our business to the next level, discover how to pursue our passions and reveal how to slay the dragons in our personal lives.

Matthew Thompson started Best Of Belfast to publish unfiltered conversations that allow listeners to go straight the source of the story and create a platform for the world to learn about (and from) Northern Ireland’s most inspirational folk, he has produced over 30 long-form, intimate interviews with people who live here and love here.

St. George’s Market traders, cancer survivors, barmen, chefs, entrepreneurs and everyone else in between. The podcast captures the diverse population of Norn Iron and this unique moment in our city’s history – a period I’m convinced will be described by the historians of the future as the ‘Golden Age Of Belfast’.

I am delighted to not have been included in one of those conversations (you can listen here)  but also to now be  part of the Best Of Belfast Patreon Producer’s Club. I am a huge champions for the podcast and proud to be working together to push forward all the great stuff that’s going on in N.I.

Check it out here