Arbonne 5 minute face

Arbonne 5 minute face

Despite my love of all things fashion and beauty (here are my Pinterest boards)

I don’t go head over heels for much apart from my friend Emma’s (delicious) body oil, and anything my love Grace Atwood thinks is ground breaking over on her (incredible) lifestyle blog.

For this reason I am not a beauty blogger

and the only other beauty post on the blog is bronzing tips from expert Deborah Harper. I appreciate me some tan.

As you will have read in this post, my love of Arbonne is relatively recent,

but I fell hard.

Let me introduce you to Arbonne independant consultant Sara Walser.


We met in September when I started to hear about “the American boy Cam in my class” from my first born. Well, he’s actually Canadian and the Walser clan landed in Belfast after Sara’s husband Derrick became the coach and player at Belfast Giants ice hockey team.

But don’t be fooled,

Sara has an identity beyond being the wife of a professional sportsman and mum to Camden and Hudson.

She is a business woman in her own right.

Sara and I share a mutual love of real life sunshine and a glass or three of bubbles. The rest is history!

A few questions for Sara

1. In a few words, tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m a Canadian married mother of two boys. My family and I recently moved to Belfast after living in Switzerland for the past 4 years. My husband’s career has taken us to several different countries and we are really excited to experience what Belfast has to offer.

2. How long have you been an independent consultant ?

I have been an Arbonne IC for a year and a half but about 6 months ago, I decided to really take this business seriously and build it up big.

3.What drew you to Arbonne?

The quality of the products and the culture of the people in Arbonne. I am so excited about the unlimited possibilities and the ability to create a life by design.

4.Have you a favourite product?

If I have to choose one fave, it would have to be the Arbonne Intelligence Genius. This one product on its own produces incredible results.

Why would recommend the Genius product?

The Genius product will produce results for any skin type and will improve so many skin issues. It is the only botanical retinol product in the world and the dermabrasion pad gives a subtle exfoliation during each application. It feels amazing.



This pregnancy saw my first clash with acne.

I know some of you have been battling this for years.

I have noticed a HUGE difference in my chin and forehead since using this Arbonne batch of products and routine from September.

I’m not saying Arbonne cured all the acne that I acquired (see images below- it’s still lurking around my face!),

but it’s like our diet-

if we put goodness on or in the body, we can at least be confident that the exterior shows that.

For me, Arbonne’s no nasties approach is key to me knowing that I am doing all I can,

Just so you know, this is not a sponsored post, I simply like to shout about stuff that I love in my ‘everyday’

Here is what Sara calls a “five minute face” and I call my “everyday face”

Aly HArte | Darling Edna | Arbonne giveaway

The face that takes less than five minutes to get from the image on the left to the right. The sort of light coverage I like


using the make up above. A bit like my approach to parenting– no fuss is the way forward.

Make up above is primer, CC cream in medium, mascara, lip treatment, merlot blush, concealer, highlighter.

Ps: The images of my face are shot in natural light with NO filters, it is simply the movement of the clouds which changes the colour of my shirt.

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