April Alexandra. Naturopathic Nutritional therapist.

April Alexandra. Naturopathic Nutritional therapist.

This space on the blog is where I have the pleasure of introducing you to experts in the wellbeing industry. My last blogpost states how I feel about 2018 – this is the year I want you to invest in YOU. Be yourself, show yourself self care and invest in your body. The experts I feature can help and inspire you!

Remember my self acceptance e bundle can viewed here. This notion of self acceptance rests at the core of my work – helping people to know themselves and to love and accept their traits and all the goodness they have to offer the world.

Enjoy April’s interview and all that she has to say and to educate us on. As she mentions, because of the internet April is able to do consultations and connect with people all over the world. No matter where you are you can follow her by scrolling to the bottom of the post and finding her social media tags. I love the colour and fresh approach to April’s instagram posts – glorious food pics!


Name – April Alexandra
Age – 28
Occupation – Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist
Location – Bangor, NI
In a few lines tell us a bit about yourself, work, family, lifestyle.

I am a Naturopathic Nutritional therapist who adores helping people feel and look their very best. I thrive on aiding and empowering my clients to make simple, achievable changes that can really change their lives and their families lives for the better. It is very rewarding and fills me with gratitude on a daily basis. I have a wonderful family that mean the world to me & fill me with happiness on a daily basis.
You are working as Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist now. Can you tell us a bit about your sporting / fitness/ wellbeing background?

I originally studied performing arts in England and had a particular interest in Dance. I always loved movement and expressing creativity. I have had a very big interest in health and how whole foods, foods that are not tampered with or addd to, can truly fuel our bodies & can really make changes to overall health. This led me to my next adventure when I took on studying nutrition over 4 years & it was truly fascinating!
What do you enjoy most about what you do now?

I adore working with people of all ages and from every walk of life. I love hearing peoples stories and hearing that with my help, they have been able to make positive changes for the better that have changed their lives- to me that is magical.
How do you stay on track with your fitness goals? (diet, training with someone etc).

Nutrition is a no brainer to me and I don’t really need to think about this now as it is my life. I like to help my clients with this too. Its about finding what works for you, what makes you feel your very best. Once you feel great, everything falls into place. You want to feel that way & know what you need to do to.
How important is nutrition to you?

Nutrition is a huge part in my wellness puzzle. It goes alongside sleep hygiene, stress management, organisation, mindfulness & exercise. Its a big puzzle and I love all parts equally.
What is your favourite activity to do outside of sport/fitness?

I just love a big, long walk along the beach and up through Crawfordsburn forest on a crisp, sunny winters day. A little G&T at the end of this in the Crawfordsburn Inn by the fire is just bliss. I also adore time with my beautiful family- they fill me with joy!
Where was the last place you holidayed?

We spent a week in Ibiza last September & 3 weeks in Italy last July – I am great believer in serious down time with family, it’s so good for the soul & memories last a lifetime.
Do you have any advice for your younger self?

Don’t worry, be your true self & don’t feel obliged to ‘fit the mould’.
If you had to choose one cheat meal what would it be?

I am not really a believer in ‘cheat meals’ so to speak. I like people to feel free to do as they please, if you want something & you enjoy it, have it once in a while. Food should make you feel good but also give you the nutrients you need to thrive. Once the lifestyle shift is made, I feel everyone learns what feels good, what doesn’t & it all becomes a lot simpler.
Where can people find you?

I am based in Bangor but thanks to the lovely internet, I can run consultations worldwide which so great. You can follow me on Facebook  and on Instagram . My new website is currently in the making & will be updated on all social media sites soon.

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