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Each year I have the privilege of being able to support  a number of charities through the sale of my art ,this year and previous years we have been able to support  Marie Curie, The Children’s Heartbeat Trust and Hub Life-International Meeting Point.

Each charity has a link to me personally and here are some of the ways I feel close to these charities and excited to be able to see them grow through the sale of my art ;

My cousin died January 2018 aged 41 after a very short 7 month illness with cancer, I shared the last 6 weeks of her life with her in Marie Curie and it was then that I saw the work that is done on my doorstep. I live in East Belfast. With the sale of each daffodil print I can remember Avril but also support the work and the nurses and the staff who work all through the night to help patients and their  families in respite care but also at the end of life.

Daffodil Print


As you will see here, my father’s passing when I was 7 has had a profound effect on my life, not always in a negative way. He died of cardiomyopathy and 5 years ago I discovered when I was ill in hospital with pneumonia that I also have a heart defect. So it is great to be able to support the work of The Children’s Heartbeat Trust  and  to be able to keep the memory of Baby Elijah Bovis, Karen of Making Memories in the Chaos’ baby boy who was born with a serious heart defect. The abstract elephant print is delicate and I made it when my 3rd boy was a little baby for his bedroom, so it is great to be able to share the joy of this print as a baby gift but also to help the work of improving and working alongside young people with heart problems such as my own.

Last but by no means least is the ability to help homeless people in our city of Belfast Northern Ireland, my church works alongside the international meeting point on the Lisburn Road which helps people from all walks of life to feel part of a community.  In December 2018 after the Christmas rush I was able to help with the purchasing of a new fridge freezer that will help some of the people who attend the International meeting point but also many others who live in Belfast who are homeless. The fridge freezer which I contributed towards will be able to help people who I want to know that their life is valuable. So thankful to be able to do this. Each Christmas my family and I serve Christmas dinner to those who are lonely  and or without. I know the money that I contribute  to Hub Life will be used well. Thank you for helping me to help others

Christmas International Meeting Point

Although not necessarily charity work but another thing I love to do is to give back to my community and this comes in the form as a free art workshop which I give out each month in schools across all of Northern Ireland

School Workshop 2018

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