A Summer drink. Flavoured water recipes.

A Summer drink. Flavoured water recipes.

Summer is for loving and all things sparkly…or at least in my head it once as!

There is nothing quite like a cold refreshing drink when the sun is out.

Notice I said “when” because it doesn’t tend to stick around in Northern Ireland for too long.

There isn’t much skill needed to make this drink but some patience for the flavours to infuse overnight is a good thing, although not essential.

Saprkling water can be as fancy as a glass bottle that you cork, or as cheap as the 49p two litre plastic bottle from your local supermarket.

I think it adds something fun and free to this drink when it is fizzy, but regular tap water also works and is so good for your health when unfused by these fruits.

I have in the bottle above;

Sparkling water

1/3 of a cucumber

1/2 a lemon sliced

5 strawberries sliced

Sprigs of fresh mint


Yes, it is a pain to get the sliced fruit out of this bottle but the trick is to slice it long and as thin as possible!


Other recipes for flavoured water include

-Simply cucumber, mint and lemon

-Lemon and lime

-All citrus- orange, elmon and lime

-Pineapple and mint

-Watermelon and rosemary

-Blueberries and orange

-Raspberries and lemon


I hope you’re having a great Summer.

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