A photo walk how to |Insta meet Belfast

A photo walk how to |Insta meet Belfast

When we think of a photo walk there can be an association with senior citizens in hiking shoes, binoculars, an old tripod and maybe some walking sticks. 

Or, at times I imagine my husband with his geography classes on a field trip in Newcastle county down and maybe a wee stick that has a rotating circle on the end that detects every metre you walk!

But that is not what a photo walk is.

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A photo walk is unique to the group who attend, it is an opportunity to meet like minded people, spot some cool areas or objects, point your camera at them, edit in camera or at home, then talk about and share what you have after the event.

Mel and I are doing just that in Belfast on Saturday as part of World insta meet day. Details in the image above.

Having worked as a professional lifestyle photographer for almost five years I had to be in tune with visual backdrops and scouting out locations in advance of weddings to make sure light was right and seats were sturdy.

It added so much flavour to the whole affair. Knowing you get to surprise a couple with odd little nooks during an engagement shoot makes for so much fun and inevitably great pictures.

I said on one of the little Instagram stories last week how I can’t help but miss my photography days. My main theme as an artist and as you can see throughout this blog is “placing importance on the everyday”.

Places, objects, people that are important to you become important to me and my lens and those dreamy newborn moments or extended family captures still melt my heart when they pop up on my timeline or in my photo editing software.

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So what do you need for a photo walk and why is it called a photo walk and not just a photo shoot?

There are a few reasons why a photo walk is a good thing.

  • If you’re meeting people for the first time walking and doing activate the brain in such a way that makes people feel at ease. I talk about this notion when working with children in this post. Adults and children alike benefit emotionally from busy hands and focused eyes.
  • There is less room for boredom. A walk can be so varied that it appeals to more than one person especially if there is a group. The likelihood is we won’t have the same taste, so movement and fresh sights means more interesting outcome.
  • A photo shoot takes a different type of planning. A photo walk needs a route planned so plan it well. But a photoshoot is a whole other ball game. If it is static, like photo shoots often are, there is more of a pull on making sure the light is right, the props are clean, location is key. A photo walk is casual and varies due to it’s nature.
  • Fresh air is good for the soul. Come rain or shine, there can always be photos taken. I used to say to my clients when we rocked up at a venue and the clouds came over ” Don’t worry, this sky will give you the best skin tone!”. So embrace the outdoors and the challenging light of indoors.

What you need for a photo walk.

  • An image capturing device. Most of us will probably have our phones but digital cameras, ipads all work.
  • An open mind. Photo walks are often more of an opportunity to meet people with a few added visuals for those of us who love good images. But don’t be upset if you don’t have a Vogue image at the end. Experiment.
  • Less is more on the bag front.  A photo walk is not really the time to cart all of your lenses out. Have pockets for  essentials. Or if you want to bring a coat, wallet etc and store it in a light bag so you have your hands free to snap shots then do that.
  • Be sensitive towards photographing others. In that, if your favourite topic to photograph is people and faces use common sense.
  • Remember there is not (really) one specific way to take a photo.  I have a bad habit at times (less exaggerated version of it in image below) of trying to always get on eye level, especially when working with my phone. I crouch and my butt sticks out. There is no right or wrong way to enjoy taking photos. If you’re not getting it right stand up, sit down or lie down. Do what you need to do to get YOUR photo right.1014185_10151753198266904_741955837_n
  • Comfortable footwear.
  • A sense of humour. Keep the battery high and click like crazy if that’s the mood you’re in.

On Saturday I will mostly be wanting to chat than take pictures to be honest! My goal is to enjoy it and the simple route we have planned which starts at the Mac Belfast.

The details are in the header. The walk is FREE just simply register using this form.

We look forward to meeting those who can attend and be part of World insta meet day with myself and Mel.

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